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2 Members of UK Vendor Team Jailed After $5.1 Million Drug Bust

Two members of an organized crime group based near Newcastle, England were sentenced yesterday for their roles in supplying and storing drugs obtained from the dark web to be resold on various darknet markets. Daniel Daymond, 32, and Robbie Arnold, 26 – both of the South Shields neighborhood in South Tyneside – were first arrested in 2021 and believed to be part of the team behind darknet market vendors HundredsUK, Hundredsandthousands, Sundaefundae, and 100and1000s.

According to prosecutors, the two men sent “dozens of parcels” of drugs each week to addresses in the UK and other parts of the world. Several packages containing multiple kilos of various drugs – likely orders placed on darknet markets – were intercepted by the UK Border force and National Crime Agency and ultimately traced back to the pair. The vendors specialized in bulk sales of MDMA (Ecstasy) but also trafficked in large quantities of amphetamine and diazepam (Valium).

Source: UK National Crime Agency

The investigation that led to the arrest of Daymond and Arnold yielded over $5.1 million in drugs waiting to be shipped, as well as mobile phones and computers that contained encrypted messages related to their drug import and export business. Both Daymond and Arnold were found to have used Telegram to communicate with the two heads of the South Shields-based organized crime group, who remain at large.

According to his defense, Daymond was a taxi driver that agreed to assist the organized crime group in importing and storing drugs due to “financial uncertainty” created at the beginning of the pandemic. He received a sentence of six years. Arnold, whose defense claimed he was coerced into his vendor role to pay for mounting debts due to personal drug use, received a sentence of five years and four months.

A third man believed to have trained the two for their roles received a sentence of nine years last year.

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