2021 Top Darknet Markets List

It is now almost February 2021 and I feel like it is time to make a list of the top darknet markets of 2021! 2020 was not the best year not only in the real world but also in the deepweb, The biggest Exit of course was of Empire Market which exit with over 30 million usd. 2021 also started not great with the bust of DarkMarket just a few days ago. Dark Market was actually the fastest bust of a #1 market, Dark Market only enjoyed 3 months of being on top of the darknet markets before getting seized by LE (a new Guinness record).

Lets all hope that the biggest markets of 2021 will not be so quick as to exit or get busted! And on this optimistic note, let’s dive into my personal list of top Darknet markets list of 2021!

WhiteHouse Market

The biggest darknet market right now after Dark Market went offline. Although it has many vendors, it is the hardest darknet market to use by far since silk road (Considering that, at these “old” times, users had to learn to use not only Tor but a new way of payment- Bitcoin). This time you not only need to learn how to use Tor, but also PGP and Monero! Of course there are guides for making it easier on yourself (Guide for Monero, Guide for PGP) but still, for complete new users of the darknet, it will take a long time to learn how to use the market and many of them will simply give up midway. Luckily there are still easier markets out there and I wonder how many users White House Market loses daily to simpler-to-use markets? Anyway, WHM has the most vendors and user right now, so if you want the biggest variety of drugs White House Market is the place to go.

Our guide on White House Market can be found here.


CannaHome is a long running market (long running in darknet markets terms..) It is a clone of CGMC market which was very popular and when closed chose to refund all users funds and not to steal like Empire Market did. It has no wallets and you pay as you buy, It mostly serves the USA (altough recently is trying to expand to Europe).

Important thing to know about CannaHome is that it’s only for Cannabis and shrooms! If you are looking for any other drug CannaHome is not for you. So why use this market? It is because it has only approved vendors who have been vending for years and years, meaning your chance of getting scammed on CannaHome is nearly nonexistent!

Our guide on CannaHome Market can be found here.


Similarly to CannaHome, CannaZon is only for Cannabis and Mushrooms, but unlike Home, this market is for European buyers, and vending to the USA is forbidden, any vendor caught selling from/to the USA will be banned. CannaZon also prides itself in a cherry-picked selection of trusted vendors so once again, your chance of getting scammed are seriously low.

The problem IMO with those 2 markets is that although they are running for a long time and seem to be trustworthy, their product variety is very low so there is a limit to how big those 2 markets can grow. In any case, if you are looking for drugs other than cannabis and mushroom CannaHome and CannaZon are not the markets for you.

Our guide on Cannazon Market can be found here.


This market is a relativity new market that started as deposit-as-you-buy market (even promised to never have deposit wallet!), but starting a few weeks ago (as Dark Market went down) is has added an option to deposit directly to the market, making it on one hand easier for new users, but on the other much more likely to exit. Of course every market can exit, but ones who have build in wallets are much more likely to exit since they have much more money to steal!

But let’s overlook the fact that suspicious decision to enable a wallet-based market feature, and lets look at the market as it is. As a “normal” market, people who ordered on other big markets like alphabay, dream, empire, dark etc you can now simple deposit money in 4 (!) crypto coins (bitcoin, monero, zcash, litecoin) making it easy to set up an account and order (no PGP required), the market has been growing a lot in the last weeks and a lot variety of drugs can be found, if you are looking for other drugs that can not be found on one of the Canna makrets, and do not want to use Monero or PGP this market is the one to look into.

Our guide on ToRReZ Market can be found here.


Versus started as a forum, and now is a full blown market. It has no onsite wallets and it is a pay-per-order type of market. Versus requires PGP to place an order, but unlike WHM, Versus only supports Bitcoin. A few weeks ago it was harder to use since it only supported multisig (multisignature) which is a bit harder to use than normal Bitcoin payments, but now Versus supports a more simple type of payment, a 2/2 payment which means the vendor get the funds immediately when you make the order and send the funds.

Versus require a high vendor bond (1,000$) as of now and also vets all of its vendors so not all vendors are allowed to sell, which makes it harder for vendors to scam. Versus has grown a lot since DarkMarket went down and now has more customers (although not as many as WHM).

Our guide on The Versus Project Market shop can be found here.


While GammaGoblin shop is not a market, I think it has place on this list.
GammaGoblin is by far the longest running darknet shop, operating from 2012 (!), for example the longest darknet market is less than 2 years old!

GammaGoblin is only selling bulk LSD tabs and powder, he has been reliable for years and years and infact you can find dozens of reslers who buy from him and resale on darknet markets, just search GammaGoblin on any darknet market and you will find hundreds of listings of his products.

If you are looking for a bulk (1000 tabs ++) look at no other place than GammaGoblin shop.

Our guide on GammaGoblin shop can be found here.

Upcoming markets

In this section I will elaborate on a few of new markets that might become large once the other markets on this list will exit or get caught, using new markets has a lot of risk since they are not checked for bugs as much as older markets so you always run the risk of losing your money in newer markets. So, proceed with caution.


Dark0de is a new market that only supports on-site wallets like Dark and Empire markets used to support and only 2 coins are available – Monero and Bitcoin. It seems to gain a little momentum and keeps growing. Darknet markets are going in the way of not having on site wallets like “old school” markets used to do, Dark0de is unique in this way that is allows ONLY deposits, making this market the most likely to exit scam in the future. The only advantage to this market is that it is super user friendly, with no PGP or Monero required so essentially any new user can easily start using Dark0de with a simple registration. IMO this market still need a few months of growing to be usable like the rest of the market on this list.

Our guide on Dark0de Reborn Market can be found here.

World Market

World Market is a very new market (only a few months old) and since last week has completely changed its appearance to look exactly like Alphabay and Empire Market. The decision for a design overhaul is surprising since although there are many good memories from AlphaBay, Empire Market has completely ruined the image of this design. World Market has exactly the same look and functionality like those markets, with on site wallets. Will the new look attract users? Perhaps the ones who miss the “good, old days”? It is hard to know just now, Empire market was very small for more than a year until all the other markets that were bigger has exit scammed, so for this market to grow and become big it will probably take a few years and luck with other markets closing down. In anyway, The use of this market will be super easy for users who are familiar with Empire or Alphabay, if you used those markets in the past you will feel right at home.

Our guide on World Market can be found here.


So this is my complete list! I did not include all the new markets that are out there (there is a new market every day) simply because a lot of them will close down after being up for a short time, whether it is due to a hack, lack of customers or lack of funds. I will keep updating the list when markets will go down or new ones will rise fast so keep checking here to find out what is the biggest market to look into!

If you are looking for links and more info on any DarkNet Market that I have listed here, you can check the side bar of this site to get more info and guides on those darknet markets and many more!

8 thoughts on “2021 Top Darknet Markets List

  1. great list, i agree with the top picks, world market kinda copied a previous design which should be a big red flag

  2. I like white house the most from this list, pgp is not that hard to learn and if you cant learn it you should not be using the dark net

  3. Versus is the only one you can trust from this list, they have a forum and not only a market so you can trust them

  4. CannaZon and CannaHome are the oldest on this list and they do not attrack a police attention like all the other markets, its the best ones to use

  5. I would suggest sticking with the oldest markets, new markets are more likely to scam and get caught by police… just look what happend to DarkMarket

    1. There are almost no guns sales on the darknet, if you do find a store or a market selling a gun it is the feds or scam.

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