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A Complete Guide to Flugsvamp 4.0 Market

In this guide we explain everything you need to know to connect to Flugsvamp 4.0 on the dark web.

Flugsvamp 4.0 is a new, Sweden-only darknet market that is limited to recreational drugs and pharmaceuticals. It is also displayed entirely in Swedish. As the name infers, it is the fourth iteration of the Flugsvamp darknet market, which was first launched in February 2014. The market currently carries less than 700 listings, which makes it one of the smaller darknet markets currently in existence. Flugsvamp means “fly agaric” in Swedish, which refers to a particular type of psychoactive mushroom. The market has banned the sale of digital items, weapons, and most physical items that are not drugs. They have also banned fentanyl and research chemicals that are analogs of fentanyl.

A BTC-only market, Flugsvamp 4.0 lacks a lot of the sophisticated payment features that most new markets employ to distinguish themselves. It uses the old-fashioned, central wallet system where the market retains control of your coins. The admins did say they have plans to introduce support for Monero (XMR) at a certain point but have yet to actually do so. Sales outside of Sweden have been banned so as to avoid attracting the attention of international law enforcement efforts. This means that if you don’t already live in Sweden, don’t bother trying to place an order from this market.

The admins offer the following information about themselves in one of the handful of signed messages that currently greet market users:

We are a team with different backgrounds but mainly in IT and security. Our goal is to create an honest and fruitful market that is the natural successor to previous versions of this market. The priority is mainly in security, but also functionality and user-friendliness are in focus.”

They also note that they “accelerated development” of their market after the shutdown of Flugsvamp 3.0 earlier last fall.

This latest version of Flugsvamp, operated by different admins than the last, is still quite new and small. It therefore lacks the resources to deal with heavy user traffic, and thus pages and images are frequently slow to load. You may find yourself randomly disconnecting from the market, as well, which is another symptom of newborn markets that have yet to hammer the small problems out. Other than that, it seems to be off to a good start in terms of its ability to service the darknet market needs of a single nation.

Basic Facts about Flugsvamp 4.0

  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Total Product/Service listings: 680
  • Listing Categories: Stimulants, Cannabinoids, Pharmaceuticals, Analgesics, Steroids, Other
  • Multi-signature escrow? No
  • Finalize Early? No
  • Cost of vendor bond: 350 SEK

Before Getting Started

Before attempting to connect to Flugsvamp 4.0 or any darknet market, there’s a number of concepts which require at least an immediate level of understanding in order to successfully proceed. They include the following:

  • Bitcoin transactions. You must know the basics of transacting BTC. This includes sending and receiving Bitcoin, as well as storing it in a secure and proper fashion.
  • The Tor Browser. You must have the most recent version of the Tor browser installed and know how to use it in the way in which it was intended (to maximize privacy while browsing the web).
  • OpSec. We recommend you have a basic knowledge of what Operations Security – or OpSec – really is, which is basically minimizing any sort of connection between your darknet market experience and your personal life. For example, never deposit BTC to a darknet market wallet directly from an exchange, as this could create a direct connection between your personal identity and darknet market activities.

Disclaimer: This guide is for research purposes only and should not be construed to be advice; legal or otherwise. The authors of this guide do not condone activities that are illegal in your jurisdiction or others. Use the contents of this guide and/or Flugsvamp 4.0 at your own risk.

Don’t Get Phished

Even though Flugsvamp 4.0 is a young market, it is already the subject of several imitators, hoping to trick unsuspecting users into depositing funds into a bogus account. Fortunately, this market has made it hard to be imitated by forcing you to verify that you are on the same URL displayed in their captcha system. If the URLs don’t match, you’re on a phishing site. Logging in to this kind of site could result in your total loss of market funds, and potentially even worse. Make sure you only log on to Flugsvamp 4.0 from a verified URL (they currently only have one).

Creating an Account

Flugsvamp 4.0 is very new and has yet to employ a captcha system. This makes it very easy to register an account compared to most other markets. After you have landed at a verified market URL, the first thing you’ll need to do is switch the screen to the account creation mode. To do this, press the lime green button under the login section that reads “Registrera dig här”. You will then be transported to the account registration screen, which looks like this:

In the first field, enter a unique username, and in the second, a password. Notice that Flugsvamp has only one password field instead of the usual two, which means you have one shot to enter your password properly. We suggest first typing and saving it someplace secure, and then copy and pasting the password so there is no chance of error.

The account type to be created is set to Buyer by default, so you do not need to change that option. Check the box that confirms you are visiting the legitimate market URL, and then click on the circle to pass the captcha. And that’s it! Your account will now be created, and you will be brought to the main market page. You will need to attach a PGP key account before placing an order but are free to start browsing now.

Setting a PGP Key

You will need a PGP key attached to your account in order to receive encrypted communication and enable 2-FA. To set your PGP key for your Flugsvamp 4.0 account, click the word Konto toward the upper-right corner of the screen to access your account options. Next, scroll down until you see the text box titled Inställningar. This is the box where you will paste your PGP public key. When appropriately entered, it will look something similar to this:

If you are satisfied you have pasted your PGP key correctly, press the Uppdatera button to continue. After doing this, you will be transported back to your account screen. You will now have the option to enable 2-FA on your account. To do this, check the box next to Aktivera tvåfaktorsautenisering(2-FA) and press Uppdatera to continue. You will now be required to decrypt a PGP message each time you log into the market.

Note: Just like with their password creation, there are no second chances on Flugsvamp. If you get your PGP key wrong and then activate 2-FA, you’ll be locked out of your account the next time you try to log in. This poses problems for everybody. Its better to never get to this point by making sure you enter your PGP correctly the first time.

Making a Deposit

To make a deposit on Flugsvamp 4.0, again click the account option toward the upper-right corner of the screen (Konto) and scroll down until you see the word Insättning. You will not have a BTC deposit address pre-generated when visiting the market for the first time and need to create one by pressing on the circle over the URL area under Insättning. After pressing the circle, the screen will be refreshed, and you will be presented with a SegWit Bitcoin address (starts with “bc1…”). You are free to generate new deposit addresses for yourself each time, and it is recommended that you do so.

Note: As this market uses the age-old account wallet system and holds all user funds, it makes them a target and chances of an exit scam all the more likely. Flugsvamp admins themselves even offer customers the following warning in their initial greeting message to the public:

As with all other darknet markets, common sense is important. As a buyer, you should avoid investing more money than you plan to spend. Flugsvamp is just like any other darknet market: it’s not a bank safe to keep money in. Therefore, one should only deposit the amount they plan to spend in the short term.”

We suggest heeding this advice as it is not only provided by the market itself but common sense, given the fragility and randomness of this particular line of business.

Browsing Flugsvamp 4.0

Flugsvamp 4.0 is divided into the following menu options, moving from left to right: Home, Market, Orders, Disputes, Messages, Support. You will want to click on the second option, Marknad, to get started browsing the market. The layout follows the format of many other markets, which makes it feel familiar and rather intuitive.

The market is divided into the following categories (and subcategories):

  • Cannabis (Buds, Hash, Vape, Wax, Edible, Other)
  • Stimulants (Amphetamine, Ecstasy, Cocaine, MDMA, Other)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Benzodiazepines, Pregabalin, SSRI, Other)
  • Psychedelics (DMT, GHB, Ketamine, LSD, Mushrooms, Other)
  • Analgesics (Opiates, Opioids)
  • Steroids (Injectable, Oral, PCT, Growth Hormones, Other)
  • Other (Paraphernalia)

Aside from a search box, Flugsvamp 4.0 doesn’t feature sophisticated filtering options, which can make it a bit hard to find the item for which you are looking. It does allow you to sort listings by relevance, user rating, popularity, and product name. As we’ve mentioned, the market is still on the small side, and as listings are often divided into sub-subcategories, usually its quite easy to locate wanted products just by browsing.

Clicking on an item (VISA) reveals additional product photos and the vendor’s description of the item. In the left column you will find the vendor’s overall number of orders (81 in this case) and their average customer rating out of 5 (4.83 for this vendor). Below this you’ll see some recent product reviews, along with the date they were left, to give you an idea of what customers have to say about the product.

Below this info you will see shipping and quantity options. There aren’t a whole lot of active vendors on Flugsvamp 4.0 at present, but we recommend going with an experienced vendor that already has several sales under their belt.

Note: Choosing the right vendor can go a long way in terms of saving yourself from a headache, loss of funds, or potentially worse situation. Novice vendors with no discernible reputation or sales history should be avoided. Stick to the pros, even if it means paying a bit extra.

Placing an Order

When you’re ready to purchase an item, select the shipping option and quantity you wish to purchase from the item page, then press the buy button (Köp). Next you will be brought to the checkout screen, which looks like this:

Here we can see the order specifications, the total to be paid in BTC, and the vendor’s PGP key. Flugsvamp does have an auto-encrypt feature, but we recommend avoiding it. Instead, encrypt your shipping information using your own PGP client, and paste the contents in the text box below (Leveransuppgifter). The market makes it easy by providing you with the vendor’s key onscreen. The text box will look like this when the encrypted shipping info has been pasted:

Be sure to leave the auto-encrypt checkmark box unchecked and then press “Köp”. If you have enough BTC in your account balance to cover the previously-displayed total, your order will be placed. It will be sent to the vendor who will then start preparing it for delivery.

As there is only one type of payment method, all orders on Flugsvamp 4.0 are handled in the same fashion. The vendor is informed of a newly-placed order, prepares it, and then ships it, updating the order status after shipping. After being received by the buyer, who determines it to be up to their expectations, the buyer then marks the order as received. Funds are then released from the market to the vendor’s account who can then withdrawal them off the market. It is possible to check the status of an order by clicking the Orders menu tab (Bestallningär).

Occasionally an item will not be as expected, or never arrive at all, in which case it is possible to open a dispute (Dispyter). Flugsvamp 4.0 does have a well-described dispute resolution process laid out in their FAQ, and it seems like they are willing to go out of their way to give each side a reasonable chance to explain their side of the story. Of course, it’s better to never have to get to the point of a dispute in the first place. This can most likely be accomplished by sticking with experienced vendors who have a lot of sales under their belt, along with positive reviews.

Flugsvamp 4.0 URL



Though too new to really get an adequate handle on, Flugsvamp 4.0 appears to be worthy of carrying on the torch of its predecessors, seemingly committed to the idea of providing a safe and secure environment for the transaction of substances deemed illegal by the Swedish government. As with its titular forebearers (most of the time), Flugsvamp 4.0 is closed to those outside of Sweden as its vendors are forbidden to process orders leaving the country. This will probably serve to help increase the market’s longevity, though it doesn’t appear to be a particular measure of success.

Flugsvamp 4.0 is still quite small compared to most other markets, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be “big” to fulfill its purpose. While it experiences some hiccups now and again, its likely only a matter of time before more of the vendors that used to populate the last iteration come to this one. The fact that the market relies upon the classic, market-controlled wallet and escrow system means it is more likely to pull an exit scam than markets that don’t.

The lack of XMR support, multisig escrow, and per-order payment options make Flugsvamp 4.0 a bit antiquated, but after three months it has a growing number of users and seems to have garnered a decent amount of trust from the community. If the current admins of the Flugsvamp brand can learn from the mistakes of their predecessors, Flugsvamp 4.0 is likely poised to once again become the default market for the nation of Sweden.

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