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AlphaBay Admin Missing, Vendors Locked Out

AlphaBay Market vendors and users who have 2fa enabled can not log in to AlphaBay since Monday (Feb 6). Users who have 2fa enabled are getting an error message “ERROR: data signing failed“.

The error seems to come from AlphaBay Market admin Desnake not updating his canary for the last few days, causing “AlphhaGuard” to shut down the 2FA in order to protect vendors and users from possible LE takeover.

It is not the first time that this has happend, when back in 2022 the same issue happend to AlphaBay, it was fixed after a few days when DeSnake loged back in to update his canary.

reddit post addressing the error on AlphaBay

Back in 2021 and 2022 when AlphaBay has relaunched, DeSnake was active on a daily basis, responding to users on a hourly basis, but in late 2022 he has decided to be much less active and has stoped responding and updating users on Dread or on AlphaBay own Forum.

Another reddit users addressing the problem

It is not clear when and if DeSnake will get back online to fix the issue, and so far vendors are unable to log in to the site and proccess orders, users might not notice that something is wrong, simply because every time a vendors trys to log in, it is shown in his profile that he is actully online.

We highly suggest for now to check other darknet markets such as Tor2Door until the issue will be fixed.

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