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ASAP Cracks Down on Scammer Vendors

After months of accusations of mislabeling products, failing to ship orders, or sending inert products to customers, long-time darknet market vendor wallstreetbet was banned from the immensely popular ASAP marketplace. Announcement of the ban was made by high-level ASAP staff member LeChacal on Dread, who also announced the ban of another vendor, winamax, a carding vendor with over 100 negative feedbacks who has been accused of selective scamming.

For months, independent testing reports from buyers of wallstreetbet products have indicated that fentanyl was the main psychoactive ingredient as opposed to what the vendor had advertised in their listings, which they titled as heroin or oxycodone. Several other buyers reported receiving what they thought was sugar instead of the advertised product, while some reported never receiving anything at all, even though their order was accepted and marked as shipped by the vendor.

After long discussions and a deep research we decided to disallow wallstreetbet and winamax from our site. Personally, I don’t have anything against these two vendors positive feedbacks are still higher than negative feedbacks. However, the dispute rates are getting higher and higher and day by day new users are complaining about selective scamming and low quality products.” – LeChacal, ASAP ‘Head of Operation,’ on Dread

wallstreetbet vendor profile on Bohemia

A week earlier, the wallstreetbet Dread account posted a topic in the Bohemia subdread stating that they were currently selling what would be their “last batch of opioids” and that they had decided to “focus on other categories” going forward. The post was met with intense criticism and skepticism in its replies. “Just take the listings down now if you’re actually serious,” commented Dread user TrippSitter, who has been one of the vendor’s long-time critics, frequently reminding others of test results indicating their listed products contained fentanyl instead of the substance advertised.

The vendor is still considered a top-rated level on Bohemia where they have 1,880 completed sales and an 84% positive feedback rate. In spite of this, however, they have an abnormally large number of disputes and negative reviews compared to other “Level 5” vendors. As of now, their product listings still include pressed opiates, although they also include cannabis products, cocaine, and mushroom gummies.

One of the wallstreetbet’s product listings on Bohemia, titled “1 Gram F1000 China White,” warns buyers in the description that they should “have Narcan on hand seriously” and that they should not use the product alone, reiterating the suggestion by concluding the description with the warning, “DO NOT CONSUME THIS PRODUCT WITHOUT SOMEONE WITH YOU”.

Fentanyl overdoses continue to plague the US and other areas around the world at record levels. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 109,000 Americans died due to drug overdose in 2022, with the majority of deaths due to opioid overdose.

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