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ASAP Market Hacked According to The Admin

Just yesterday we reported that ASAP Market seems to be performing an exit scam when it stopped users withdraws but still accepted deposits, which is the how all the darknet markets exit scams in the past started.

After a cryptic message a few days ago, ASAP Market finally explained what made him stop the withdraws on his market.

Under a post titled “Time for the HONESTYASAP Market admin explained that the market was hacked and someone managed to withdraw all the money in the hot wallet on the market-


Someone exploited the bug in the withdrawal system using the vendors private mirror and if we don’t patch this bug, our all wallets can be drained. We have blocked the withdrawals until the vulnerability is patched. It can take 2-3 days.

We’re here with you and we will be here with you. If there is a loss of coins, none of the users(vendors and buyers) have to pay the price. ASAP Market is here to take all the responsibility and will pay the price. We will cover from own pockets.

I can understand your frustration but we’re in the same boat like you. However, I promise to fix it very soon. None of you have to worry about the loss of coins and/or an exitscam.


Some users still were concerned on the truth of this statement when one user wrote “Disable deposits If you want us to believe you“.

After a few hours of users debating if ASAP Market admin explanation is true or not, ASAP Market admin has posted another post.

We will announce when its online again.

ASAP Market admin posted under the title “We’ve taken the site offline for the maintenance.

With this last post, the market is now offline until (according to the admin) the bug will be found and patched.

For now we highly suggest users to check other darknet markets like AlphaBay, Tor2Door Market and Abacus Market.


ASAP Market admin has posted a new post that claims that the market is back online and withdraws have been enabled.

Hello everyone

Like we promised we patched it and now you can withdraw without any issues. You can make orders and make new deposits. One more thing, we have changed all deposit addresses. Everyone has a new deposit address now. Please don’t deposit to the old address, your coins will not be registered and will be lost permanently.

Without going into graphic details of everything and without disclosing the exact amount of coins we lost in this fiasco. I only want to inform that we have lost a big amount of crypto. Most of the markets would have exitscammed after such loss but we’re still here. We could’ve prevented it by using cold wallets and manual withdrawals but we don’t want vendors to wait for their funds. Cold wallets and manual withdrawals provide hundred percent safety of funds but could also result in huge loss to all vendors when something happens to the admin(accidental death, COVID-19 or something else). Your money comes before our comfort. We paid the price. Anyway, this is part of business and such things happen. In the end, we’re here with you and we promise to stay loyal to you as long as possible.

Thank you everyone for trusting us.

Thank you everyone for believing in us.

Thank you everyone for using us.

We will appreciate if you continue your support to us.

In the end i would like to request for something else as well.

We need donations. If you want to donate, please donate now. Please note that donation isn’t a compulsion but it can help us and the community.

Donation addresses are here

xmr= 4FqqF4oFQKe9cktcEwHRGjLRz4T8kmNmucBU4os3PU61PkptG3pJcaihmRuFxXR5JEHndbht6DWmQEqhQU7ypnivKm7NRgxXZMNRBcqh6X

btc= bc1qp7xrwfkfq78awjtazddsucgdjck4f06wjh7ehq

ASAP Market admin post under the title “ASAP is online. Withdrawals are enabled. Vulnerabiltiy has been patched.

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