Aurora Market Has Exit Scammed

After many months of stability in the darknet markets community, with no exit scams, Aurora market, a relatively new darknet market has exit scammed.

Aurora Market has launched back in November 2020, and been steadily grown over the last months, but it now seems the admin had enough and has decide to close shop and steal all the users funds.

Aurora Announcement post from November 2020

Aurora markets PR, SouthernLights, Has published a post on Aurora Markets Dread subs warning users to stop using the market under the title “Extremely important post about Aurora Market“-

Dear users

Since, some of you are facing withdrawals issues and other problems. I know and please read this below:

Please do not make any further deposits, until we officially announce it.

We request all vendors to put their shops at vacation modes. Also, don't ship your orders.
Aurora Markets PR Warning to Stop Using Aurora Market

It is of course a sad day in the darknet community to hear about another darknet market stealing funds, but it should not come as a surprise, because since silk road almost every darknet market that existed has either exit scammed or was busted, in both cases of course the result to the end user is the same – all the money is gone.

For now the suggestion of Aurora users is to move to a more established market such as White House Market, ToRReZ Market or World Market.

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