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Author of Drug Users Bible Announces Free E-Book Version on Dread

A free e-book version of The Drug Users Bible is proving to be quite popular on Dread, where it has remained stickied to the forum’s front page for the last week and a half. In a post titled “The Drug Users Bible FREE Of Charge – First On Dread,” author Dominic Milton Trott provides a background on his book, originally published in 2019, along with locations of where it is available to download free of charge. Trott’s post has spurred over 150 comments thus far, attracting much praise from those who have found it both informative and entertaining.

The book features a review of 157 drugs – many regularly available for sale on darknet markets – which Trott self-administered over a period of several years. They are sorted into the categories of psychedelics, stimulants, anxiolytics & sedatives, intoxicating depressants, dissociatives, empathogens & entactogens, synthetic cannabinoids, nootropics, oneirogens, deliriants, and unclassified. Each entry contains the drug’s chemical name, street name(s), reference dosages, average onset, and duration, as well as the dosage consumed by the author, the form it was consumed in and the route of administration.

Photographs of paraphernalia and drug consumed for the book’s DMT entry.

“This is the most important post I will ever make,” Trott wrote in the opening to his announcement on Dread, going on to explain what is included in the book and why he decided to make it in the first place.

It was written to make a difference: to get critical ham reduction and safety data into the hands of as many people as possible, whatever their drug of choice…

It really is vital that we make harm reduction information ubiquitous within our community. It really is ignorance that kills so many of us. We really really must do our best as a community to make safety practices second nature, and get the essential data to everyone who needs it…

Ignorance kills, but I hope that some of you will help to save some of those lives. The portability of a PDF may help to at least put the idea of harm reduction on the agenda where it was previously overlooked.” – Dread user DMTrott

Trott also authored The Honest Drug Book, which was published in 2017 and is the predecessor to his more recent release, containing an initial review of 140 substances. These reviews were expanded upon for the second book, which also includes 17 additional substances.

In a 2021 AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) hosted on Reddit, Trott referred to his favorite substances being psychedelics Ayahuasca and San Pedro cactus, as well as a designer dissociative drug known as Ephenidine. He also referenced cocaine as being his favorite stimulant. Among his least favorite drugs are nutmeg, which he described as producing a “dysphoric hell,” and synthetic cannabinoids.

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