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Best Darknet Drug Markets October 2021

It is time again to see what Darknet Markets are popular and what are the best in this month.
When going over the current top and best darknet markets it is not only about the number of new vendors, users and listings that need to be taken into account when ranking the darknet markets, but also about the level of stability and the support that is given on each market.

On DarknetOne top monthly list we focus on English top markets (if not Hydra would be #1 all the time), and don’t include new and unproven darknet markets (like the new Alphabay for example). On our darknet monthly superlist we strongly feel that we can only include darknet markets that have been on the scene for at least a year, if you looking for the complete list of all the darknet markets that exist (at least the ones we deem worthy and safe) you can check our side bar or check our full darknet markets list.

White House Market will not appear on this list since they have announced they are shutting down.

Without further introduction lets dive right in to our best darknet markets list!

ToRReZ Market

ToRReZ Market main screen

It is now safe to say that ToRReZ Market has grown enough in the last few months to become the biggest darknet market with 1885 vendors, 45,280 listings and 283,929 total users (15,759 active users).

ToRReZ Market has options to pay directly for a product or use a simple on site wallet system that is very common among darknet markets. As an added bonus, ToRReZ Market support not 1 or 2 currencies but 4, with support to Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Zcash.

ToRReZ Market LSD listing

Using ToRReZ Market for the first time might be confusing for some people since they have a unique design, but a good search options, multiple currencies, good support and much easier to use since there is no PGP requirement makes it a great market for beginners and veteran users of the darknet markets alike.

If you still having problem using ToRReZ Market or want to read about all the special feature they have, please check our comprehensive guide we did on ToRReZ Market.


CannaHome Market main screen

CannaHome might not be the biggest darknet market, but it does not directly compete with other “normal” darknet markets, simply because its cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms), and only allows sells to the USA.

CannaHome is run by the same people behind CGMC and using the same script and is the place to shop for weed and mushrooms if you live in the USA, it supports Bitcoin and Litecoin (and maybe some day Monero) and has no onsite wallet, meaning you pay per order and they even encourage to use multisig, which keeps your money safe in case of a market seizure or exit scam.

CannaHome Market weed listing

We have wrote a great guide on how to use CannaHome that we suggest anyone who is having questions or having difficulties navigating the market to take a look at.

CannaHome has been around a long time, although it has only around 80 vendors, a quick look around the market will reveal that all the top vendors in the USA are on it and any kind of product involving cannabis and THC will be found on sale there. The support on CannaHome is known to be the best around the darknet and the market as well as the forum keeps getting updated and improved, no wonder it is the top leading market in north America related to cannabis products (if you look for weed or mushrooms ofcourse).


Cannazon Market main screen

Cannazon is another great market for the lovers of cannabis and psilocybin products, but unlike CannaHome, Cannazon caters to users in Europe and like the previous mentioned darknet market, only allows sell of drugs to European costumers.

Both of those markets are very similar in their functionality, and Cannazon also does not have onsite wallet, but you can actually add products to the onsite cart and pay on all of them at once using Bitcoin or Monero, Of course if you want to use the multisig option, you will have to pay per order.

Cannazon Market weed listing

While both markets don’t publish how many users they have, a quick look on the ratings of top vendors who vend on the market can give a good idea that it is very popular market, and in fact no that behind WHM (and WHM has much more listings since Cannazon only allows sell of cannabis and mushrooms).

Cannazon is easy enough to use, but it has a few restriction on passwords creating and user names, more information on how to use Cannazon can be found on our guide.

World Market

World Market main screen

World Market is the newest market on this list, with less than a year and even site redesign to make World Market look like Alphabay it is surprising to see a new market on a top darknet markets list, however World Market has grown a lot in the last few months and now has over 30,000 listings and many top vendors.

World Market supports Bitcoin and Monero and is another “Alphabay look alike”. Recently Alphabay has been relaunched under the same admin as before (but with a new design) so it is yet to be seen if it will hurt World Market sales in the long run if indeed the new Alphabay will gain traction and will become a big darknet market.

Buyers who miss the old Alphabay will feel right at home at this market, with a copied design and a lot of the same feature and even vendors who were vending on the original Alphabay.

We have wrote a great guide on how to use World Market and suggest to any new user on reading it before using World Market.


So this is our pick of the top darknet markets in October of 2021. Please note that while there are over 30 darknet markets that exist right now (the best can be found on our list or on our guides), when choosing the top ones we try to keep the list to a short 5 darknet markets since we choose the best of the best.

Our list here means that if you are looking for a specific vendor or something to buy on the darknet, you can be sure you will find it on one of those darknet markets, and if you could not find it on one of them, then more the likely you will never find it somewhere else. As always we are happy to hear your thoughts on what is the top and best darknet markets around so feel free to leave a comment!

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    1. They are find and on our list on the right side of the site, but they are much smaller than the markets we have wrote about here.
      On monopoly and versus you will not have the same amounts of vendors and products as other top markets.

  1. World Market looks 100% like Empire market. Was created right after Empire exited scam. I’m sure it’s the same crooks

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