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Buying LSD (Acid) On The Darknet Markets

LSD or as it known Acid, is one of the most popular substances for sale on the deep web, In 2020 and 2021 with many countries being on lock down, sale of drugs and especially LSD has gone through the roof, and its not one of the most sold drugs on the darknet.

Unlike Weed, there are no darknet markets who only focus on selling LSD, however there is one big vendor who sells LSD in bulk and many resellers who buy from him in bulk and resell his product, and of course he will be on the top of the list of buying acid on the deep web in 2021.

In this guide we will focus on top vendors in darknet markets such as White House Market, ToRReZ and Dark0de. Most of those vendor can be found on White House Market, but WHM is much more complicated to use for the average buyer who just looking to buy a few tabs, if you do want to use WHM then we highly suggest to check our guide on White House Market.

We tried to include vendors from different parts of the world, since order drugs domestically is often the best option for the buyer (and vendors) safety.


GammaGoblins private store

GammaGoblin is by far the most famous maker and seller of LSD on the dark net. He first stated to sell LSD in 2013, making him the oldest vendor on the deep web, and he even expanded his product from LSD blotters and LSD crystal to even sell Changa.

When browsing the dark net markets looking for LSD you will often see vendors publish that there are resellers of GG (aka GammaGoblin), meaning that when buying tabs from those vendor you will be assured that their product is legit and that the LSD is in great quality.

His shop is the longest running one in the darknet, but he only sells in bulk, starting from 1000 tabs of LSD, making it not relevant for buyers looking for a few tabs. Nevertheless his store is the place to go if you are looking to buy LSD in bulk.

GammaGoblin sells a variety of tabs kind, from 105mcg to 200mcg.

TripDepot (USA)

TripDepot profile on White House Market

TripDepot is a GammaGoblin reseller on White House Market who sells most of GammaGoblins products and ships from the USA to WorldWide.

TripDepot has been active on many other markets and has a 98.60% positive rate out of over 800 sales in WHM alone!

TripDepot can also be found on ToRReZ Market. If you are looking for a few tabs of acid in the USA, TripDepot is definitely the vendor to buy from.

LittleBits (UK)

LittleBits profile on ToRReZ Market

For people from the UK, LittleBits is the vendor to go to buying LSD. With almost 100% positive rate on both
ToRReZ Market and on White House Market he is the best vendor who sells acid in the United Kingdom.

AussieTrips (Australia)

AusieTrips profile on Dark0de

AussieTrips has over 10,000 sales since he started vending, and since he only ships inside of Australia only, it means he is the most popular and successful vendor in Australia.

AussieTrips is an official resellers of GammaGoblin which means you can be sure his acid quality is the best in the world.

You can find him vending on both WhiteHouse Market and on Dark0de.

HofmannCrew (EU)

HofmannCrew Profile on ToRReZ Market

HofmannCrew is selling LSD from the Netherlands and ships worldwide. Much like the previous vendor he has over 10,000 sales and over 98% positive review rate.

HofmannCrew sales bulk and single tabs to all over the world, and it is highly recommended buying from him especially if you are located in the EU.

HofmannCrew vendor can be found on WHM, Dark0de & ToRReZ Market.


Buying LSD or Acid on the dark web is super easy now days. With many great vendors and choices of different dark net markets or even vendor stores. It is always recommended for drug buyers on the dark net to buy domestically since it is always the less risky choice when ordering drugs online, with so many vendors and markets it is easy to find a vendor that even ships not only from your country but from your city!

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