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Where to Buy Weed Online in 2022

The darknet markets scene has changed drastically in the last year, and weed enthusiastic (especially in Europe) will find that their favorite place to buy cannabis products has closed down recently, so many have asking themselves, Where can I buy weed on the darknet in 2022?

We have composed the best places to buy weed and cannabis on the darknet in 2022 and divided the list but geographic location to make it easier to choose the right place to shop depends on the place where you are located in.

Before you start reading, if you are a first time buyer there are a few simple things you need to do before you can start shopping on the darknet-
1. Download Tor browser.
2. Get Bitcoin or Monero.

If you are still having problems we suggest to check our complete guide on using the Darknet Markets.

Buying Weed in USA

2022 will continue to be a great year for USA cannabis seekers and if you are lucky enough to be living in the USA you got the best darknet market around. Sadly CannaHome that had mostly vendors from the USA and was the place to go to if you looked for any cannabis product with over 4,000 listings has closed shop.

Versus Market has replaced CannaHome, and has most if not all of the vendors that were on CannaHome.

Similir to Cannahome, Versus Market is a direct pay that also has multi sig options, and even better, unlike CannaHome supports Monero.

Over the last years, all the top weed vendors have set up shop in CannaHome, with many of them getting over 10,000 sales on the platform, and now the vast majority of them have set up shop on Versus Market.

If you are new to the darknet markets and want to learn how to use Versus Market, we suggest you to check our comprehensive guide we did on Versus Market.

Buying Weed in Europe and the United Kingdom (UK)

Where ever you are in Europe or even if you are looking to buy weed in the UK (United Kingdom), AlphaBay Market is the place to go to. AlphaBay Market has recently became one of the largest darknet market around, and this reflects in the number of listings and vendors that are now in AlphaBay Market.

With over 14,000 listings of weed alone on the market, you will find what ever you want, and the best part about it is it you can get in from a domestic vendor in a few short days.

Because many costumers from the UK complain about shipping times from Europe (now that UK is no longer in the EU), it is highly recommended to buy from a local vendor which will insure fast shipping times and no problems with customs.

AlphaBay supports only Monero, and also (like Versus Market) supports direct payment which means you do not have to use the onsite wallet and can pay per order.

We suggest new comers to AlphaBay Market to check our complete guide to AlphaBay Market.

Buying Weed in Australia

Australia have it the hardest from the “Western countries”, with one of the most strict borders and customs agents. Because of this, it is very hard to smuggle or ship drugs to Australia, making the prices of drugs in Australia more than triple the price than other countries.

The best advice for Aussies is to only shop domestic! Luckily for them, Versus Market has been around since 2019 and now has over 1,000 listings from local vendors, and while prices indeed much higher than other countries, the selection is very good, so Aussie weed lovers will definitely find there what they are looking for.

Versus Market, much like CannaHome Market, has only direct payment option available, with both Bitcoin and Monero supported.

Versus Market might be a bit harder to use than other markets since it has no onsite wallet so we suggest to read our full guide on how to use Versus Market.

Buying Weed Online from Anywhere

While we covered Europe, UK, USA and Australia, there is still many countries we have not included. The reason for that is in most of the other countries in the world is that buying or possessing drugs (and weed especially) is highly dangerous and sometimes even being penalize with the death sentence, resulting in virtually no local vendors and extremely hard to bypass border customs agents.

If you are one of the unlucky ones not in the previous areas we have wrote about, you can still order weed to your country, but know it comes with more risk than ordering domestic.

Archetyp Market is one place you can look into when searching for vendors. Since the last many shut downs of darknet markets, Archetyp Market has attracted many international vendors and buyers alike and with over 8,000 listings of Cannabis products it is hard to not find what you are looking there.

We suggest to read our guide on Archetyp Market if you are having problems with understanding how to use it.

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