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CannaHome is Shutting Down

Once again, one of the top leading darknet markets has decided to close shop. This time its CannaHome.

CannaHome is the CGMC followup market, that allowed only the sell of Cannabis and some mushrooms products. It was the top leading market in the world in where to buy weed.

Today, under the post of “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT” the markets admin has published that the market is closing shop in 8 days.


It’s been 2-1/2 great years, but now it’s time for us to move onto the next phase of our lives. Scientific fact: 1 year in normal time = 10 years in darknet market admin time. In other words, we’re 25 years older now or at least it feels that way. Today, we’re beginning the process of closing down CannaHome. For everyone’s safety, we’ll be doing this fast and efficiently. The CannaHome website will go dark 14 days from today.


Ordering System: No new orders can be placed on the system. Orders that have already been accepted by vendors will continue to be processed normally. Orders in “Pending Accept” status will be available as usual for vendors to either accept or reject. Normal deadlines for vendors to accept orders will apply. If they don’t accept or reject your order, your coins will be refunded to you.

“Tree House” forum: The forum is closed with the exception of the vendors’ section. Vendors will each be able to post one final message to customers where they can include contact information.

Messaging System: The messaging system will continue to function normally for buyers and vendors to communicate about orders in process.

Disputes: If you have an existing dispute, it will be resolved according to an expedited schedule. Please see the details in the “dispute” FAQ below. You’ll be able to open new disputes on your final orders. There will be strict deadlines or when you can open disputes. Please see details in the FAQ below.

Support Desk: The support desk will be available until the site shuts down. Please limit support communications to order issues. We expect support to be overwhelmed with new tickets. As much as we’d like to say a personal goodbye to every CH member, it’s just not going to be possible.

The markets admin went on and added a FAQ on the markets shut down-

Is CannaHome exit scamming?

We can assure you 100% that we are not. We won’t be leaving with any vendor or buyer coins. Our transaction system makes that very hard to do. If you have orders in escrow, the only way to release the coins from escrow is with the cryptographic signatures of either market and vendor or market and buyer. This isn’t a feature of the market. Multi-signature transactions are a bitcoin feature that even our skilled developers couldn’t hack if they wanted to. If buyers receive their orders and finalize, the escrow will be released to the vendor. If buyers open disputes, the disputes will be resolved in a streamlined dispute process. Depending on the circumstances, the escrow will be released to the buyer, vendor or split between the buyer and vendor. For details about the expedited dispute process, please see the FAQ below.

If you have direct pay orders in process, you’ve already paid the vendor and there is no way for CannaHome to scam those coins. You are at risk of vendor scams but that’s always been the case with direct pay orders. See question about vendor scams below.

Will my vendor scam me? I’ve heard that vendor scams are common when markets close.

Unfortunately, that’s often true. We sincerely hope that will be less of a problem at CannaHome for a couple of reasons. First, our vendors are the best vendors on the darknet. They were all carefully vetted before being allowed to join CannaHome. They have worked hard to build their reputations and many, if not most, will probably continue their businesses on other markets. They won’t want to destroy their reputations for the sake of a few extra bucks now.

If you purchased using escrow, your coins aren’t released to the vendor until you either finalize the order or we resolve your dispute through the expedited dispute process described in the next FAQ.

If, against our advice, you purchased using direct pay, then you are definitely at risk of vendor scams. That’s always been the case with direct pay orders. Support will NOT get involved in problems with direct pay orders. You agreed to those terms when you placed your direct pay orders. Don’t contact support about direct pay orders. You need to message the vendor about any concerns.

What is the “expedited dispute process” and how does it work?

In normal circumstances, disputes can sometimes be a lengthy process. The main reason for delays in disputes is buyers and vendors who are slow to respond to messages in disputes. To meet our 14 day shutdown schedule, we’re going to implement strict deadlines for dispute processing. If you miss these deadlines, the dispute may be decided in the vendor’s favor because we don’t have information we requested.

You’ll be able to open a dispute on any escrow order by midnight, Monday April 18th UTC time. at the latest.

You’ll get a notification when your order is available to dispute. You must open a dispute within 24 hours of getting the notification or your order will autofinalize and escrow will be released to the vendor.

If you have a dispute in process during the 14 day closing process, you need to pay close attention to the dispute page. If the mediator asks for information from you, you will have 24 hours to reply (this deadline applies to the vendor too). If you fail to respond within 24 hours, the mediator will resolve the dispute with the information they have available.

Why can’t I view or post in the forum?

We have disabled most forum functions. When markets are shutting down, forums are notorious sources of FUD and misinformation. This FAQ should be your primary source for accurate information about the CH shutdown process. Any information you find on external sites that contradicts information in these FAQ’s is almost certainly inaccurate and possible part of a scam attempt. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! We won’t be posting information on any external sites. Anyone claiming to be posting an “official” announcement on external sites is almost certainly trying to scam or mislead you. Be careful where you get your information. If you can’t find the answer to your question in these FAQ’s, contact the support desk. We will be adding questions to this FAQ if the same questions keep coming up in support so be sure to check these FAQ’s before opening a ticket.

It is sad to see another top darknet market shutting down in the last few months, with White House Market, ToRReZ Market, Cannazon, Dark0de Market, World Market and ofcourse Hydra just recently, the list of top darknet markets has really shrunk down.

People who are looking for a CannaHome market replacment should check out Versus Market, who has the same multisig options and direct payment as CannaHome, plus support for Monero.

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