Cannazon Still Down After Going Offline a Week Ago

Update: Cannazon has announced they are retiring.

Cannazon has now been down for over a week, with non of the mirrors working and little communication from the Cannazon Team.

About a week ago Cannazon admin posted a post titled “DDOS Update” where he claimed Cannazon Market is under a serious DDoS attack.

Dear community,

we are sorry about the current delays and connection problems.
Please just try to use the main onion (7ztto56gljr4ldz7uzx7hsi2fenhq262wpi3pnjbgvhmoky3b2xvg7id.onion) as this is the most stable one.

We are working on it and are positive to find a solution for the attacks soon.

Important: Do not use any phishing links! We are not active on reddit, all onion addresses found there can be considered as phishing.

Thanks for understanding.

Your Cannazon Team

This caused many users to panic and claim that Cannazon is performing an exit scam which happens from time to time (recently Aurora Market and White House Market), However many users and vendors have claimed that they have private links to Cannazon that indeed work.

It took just a few days and now it seems the private links of Cannazon are down as well.

Dear community,

unfortunately, private onion addresses have been leaked and are also under attack now.
Vendors should still be able to access the market as these private links have not been leaked yet. Do not share them in any way!

We are currently working on a solution to bring the main onion back up. As this approach requires some major technical changes, this will probably take another day or two.

We will inform you here about any updates.

Thanks for understanding.

Your Cannazon Team

Since the last message from the Cannazon Team there was no more messages and no updated were posted anywhere.

It now very unclear if the down time is indeed caused by a DDoS attack or that Cannazon has exit scammed like so many other darknet markets before them.

For regular users of Cannazon we suggest to keep refreshing their main link to see if they come back online in the next few days-


Users are also can check other darknet markets while Cannazon still down on our main list of darknet markets.

8 thoughts on “Cannazon Still Down After Going Offline a Week Ago

  1. There is new information:

    “ANNOUNCEMENT: UPDATE: Nov, 21, 2021
    Dear community,

    it will take some more time to bring the main onion address back up.
    As of this we have decided to publish a private onion system for the meantime. We are currently working on it and we hope to be back up on Monday or latest on Tuesday.

    The vendor privates have not been leaked and will also be available again very soon.

    Thanks for understanding and your patience.

    Your Cannazon Team”

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