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Cocorico Market Exit Scam

Another day and another exit scam, This times its a small french darknet market “Cocorico Market“.

Although the last exit scam alert was a false one and ASAP Market is still online and allows withdraws, this times its seems that the admin of Cocorico Market has enabled all the listings of all the vendors, does not allow vendors to log in and disables withdraws.

Dread forum admin has published a post that warning users to not use Cocorico Market

The admin is inactive and there has been vendor reports of withdrawals not arriving and the vendor panel not being accessible. Old deactivated listings seems to now be enabled.

This is a public warning to not use this market from Dread Staff. These are the signs of an exit and if you deposit or vend on this market chances are you are funding the admin’s retirement (or having the funds land in LEA hands).

Do not use this market.

/u/Mr_le_Coq you can still contact Dread staff and sort this out.

Dread admin Paris published a post under the name “COCORICO MARKET IS LIMITED ON DREAD. Exit Warnings!

With that warning vendors have started to warn users as well-

Customers please note – DO NOT place any orders with me on COCORICO.
The market is active, but vendors cannot log in.

Rather find me on Incognito or Bohemia.


Clients, veuillez noter – NE PAS passer de commandes avec moi sur COCORICO.
Le marchรฉ est actif, mais les vendeurs ne peuvent pas se connecter.

Retrouvez-moi plutรดt sur Incognito ou Bohemia.


Vendor RevenantChild post under the name “REVENANTCHILD – COCORICO MARKET

We highly suggest users to avoid using Cocorico Market until the situation will be more clear, and for french people looking to use other darknet markets we suggest checking our darknet market list.

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