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Dark0de Market Exit Scam Confirmed

At the begining of this month we have warned users to keep out of Dark0de Market and that they are planning an exit scam and just recently we published that Dark0de Market has stoped all withdraws since 20 of February. Now Dark0de Market has been confirmed to pull an exit scam, the first one in 2022.

Earlier today, all links of Dark0de Market have been stoped working, as well as their account on Dread deleted and their sub stripped of all pictures.

Dark0de sub on Dread

Buyers and vendors are left wondering where the market went and if it is for good-

Now it seems that World Market is poised to become the largerst darknet market, while we still suggest refuges of Dark0de Market to look for other markets that are on our list.

3 thoughts on “Dark0de Market Exit Scam Confirmed

  1. I made my first order to lil miss Granny queen of the Xanies. It was an Escrow order… which seems pretty much all bull shit now.
    I’m a tad bit new to DNM, and I want to make sure they don’t think I ripped them off.
    Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if both of us were screwed in the process…
    I don’t know how to communicate to them.
    Is my best advice to just wait until I find Grany again?
    I would like to make another order from her ASAP, and perhaps a little message apologizing for the fucked up circumstances.

  2. I would love to know whats up with my order too. 2 boats of beans. I really hope lilxan comes thru. idk where to go to message him

  3. Missing my dboy already. Hasnโ€™t setup shop anywhere else, to my knowledge.

    (I missed him so badly that I had to take a week trip to the hospital.

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