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Dark0de Market Halts Withdraws, Claims Hack

We have published recently that it seems that Dark0de Market is preparing for an exit scam, and now it has confirmed that Dark0de Market has stoped processing withdraws (which are done manually) and also suffered what seems to be a hack or security breach.

In the last 24 hours, people have stated to complain that their withdraws have not been sent to them which means that 48 hours ago Dark0de Market has stoped all withdraws.

Dark0de admin is claiming that –

We are working on several security changes after we received more information from Hugbunter and others. This comes after we are experiencing a heavy DDoS attack, the question remains if this is a market or not. All withdrawals will be processed within the next 24 to 48 Hours. I thanks everyone for their patience and understanding

Dark0de admin claim

While some users are accepting this from the admin, other vendors are stoping vending on the market until their withdraws will be processed-

dont know what to do

got 7 withdraws and not been paid for any of them

10,000$ of which was more than 48hours both xmr and bitcoin

they also banned me from withdrawls for 7 days because i changed my password so i had to wait 7 days ans watch bitcoin drop from 42-43 all the way down to what it is now

i send out to big ones xmr and bitcoin and both still pending


Diamond level vendor on Dark0de Market

It is yet unkown if it is indeed and exit scam or just a hack that was caused to Dark0de Market, we as always will keep updating and for now we suggest to shop on other darknet markets.

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