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DarkMarket Current DoS Attacks: Market consequences, market admins

Today HugBunter (Dread Admin) has made an announcement on Dread (Dark Market Forum) claiming various allegations against some DarkMarket admins.

HugBunter Announcement on Dark Market DDoS

The recent/current attacks on multiple markets have been troubling after we’ve all had a good break for some time and things started to heal and become stronger.

We’ve now had large scale attacks hitting the likes of WHM, DarkMarket and apparently some other services, although I cannot really confirm any others.

I’d like to outline the main issues with this here. Firstly, /u/Paris and /u/mr_white ‘s work on /d/EndGame has been amazing and has allowed us to all have some really good filtering processes to limit malicious traffic from hitting the application layer and dropping their connections for v3’s where possible. Along with our collective knowledge of the attacks since February 2019, we have some very solid configurations that allow us to scale enough to stay ahead of the attacks and continue scaling alongside it. This is the absolute best protection we as service operators can currently provide and it works, but at many costs.

We’re not really any closer to seeing a Tor PoW implementation that will seriously improve the situation, but the position we’re in with our own developments is a hell of a lot better than when this all started. There are things I haven’t disclosed publicly because of the potential for abuse, but a lot more worrying things have come from these attacks, costs that aren’t of the monetary kind. The seriousness of the attacks’ will probably become clear at some point.

Consequences for Markets

I am aware of at least 2 markets that have paid for attacks against other markets within the last few weeks. I also know of one wishing to pay for retaliation attacks.

This behavior from market admins is absolutely unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. You have no idea of the ramifications this has, it is way beyond just taking your competitor offline, inadvertently, but you are causing a problem that is a great deal worse without even knowing it, if market admins wish me to disclose these other issues to them, they can contact me directly and you will soon rethink your poor business strategy.

From here, there will be extreme consequences for any Market admin found to be funding attacks against any other service, market or not. You know who you are and I won’t publicly out you here for it, for the time being.

Market Consequences

  • Any Ads/other promotional material will be indefinitely disabled
  • You may have your Subdread banned
  • You will be delisted from Recon
  • You will be delisted from DDF
  • Most importantly, your own service will be attacked.

This is where it ends, I’m not sitting through another storm of attacks.

As can be read DDoS attacks has been relentless in the recent days, HugBunter has vowed to put a stop to them.

DarkMarket Link

In case White house market is not working you can always check our site for working links here, as well as darkfail for rotating links.

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