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DarkMarket Seized by German Police

DarkMarket has been offline since 10 of January, and today it was announced that DarkMarket has been seized and the owner was arrested.

German Police has seized 20 servers belonging to DarkMarket and arrested a 34 year old Australian that was living in Germany.

DarkMarket Seizure notice

DarkMarket was the biggest Darknet Market in 2020 after Empire Market exit scammed, and had 500,000 users and 2,400 vendors at the time of the take down, police has also seized over 3,400 bitcoin and 12,400 monero (around 140,000,000 euros).

Whats next to the Darknet Market Community?

Although it is a sad day for the Darknet community other markets will fill the void that DarkMarket has left.

Some good markets to check next are-

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