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DeSnake Attacks (again) Versus Market Admin

Almost a month after the famous Versus Market shut down due to its server being hacked, Versus Market admin has finally released the vendor transactions code that is required for the vendor to get the money that is stuck in multisig escrow.

While he did released the vendors transaction, he made a comment against AlphaBay admin ‘DeSnake’ calling him ‘a certain attention whore‘ and ‘turns out he is just talk and no action‘, this due to DeSnake claiming to gave the full database of Versus Market, something that seems he did not have in the end.

Here we go folks. Took a little longer because I thought a certain attention whore would help me a little by implementing the transactions into his little market but turns out he is just talk and no action. Guess his claim to have our database wasn't true after all. Who would have thought?

Anyway I would like to thank the whole Versus community for a really good time and I wish you guys all the best. And don't forget. Give multiisg a chance. Don't trust central escrow. 


DeSnake of course quickly started a new topic under the title ‘Re: Vendor Transactions Inside aka self-help guide: how to be a sour teenager‘ and called Versus Market admin ‘teenager admin from versus’ and ‘butthurt and incompetent admin‘ with him claiming that he did indeed had an access to the database, and he released some key information on the hack in his post on Dread.

Since teenager admin from versus decided to make a 'classy exit' post without giving ability to answer I will answer on here.

>> Took a little longer because I thought a certain attention whore would help me a little by implementing the transactions into his little market
I have to implement your database into mine? I have said it before if it was a hostile takeover that would have been done and at this moment I have other things to attend. You 'expect' others to do your work for you, same as you 'expect' someone elses code that you had copied and integrated into your marketplace to be secure but in fact it was not hence the LFI vulnerability that led to full compromise.

To you, as a butthurt and incompetent admin, of course it will see like as you described it. Fact is though that majority of the scene is ran by clowns and when you got exposed by such suddenly it is drama. From one of your employees scammy sammy (sam culper) getting shown what he is when he got refused a job with us to other big issues such as forever cookies and other genius level ideas, you have failed to take responsibility.

Instead someone else created the drama, someone else is responsible not you no you are just a passenger right? Lack of firewall no firejail no virtualization no sandboxing of any kind 0 security for a 'security-driven' marketplace, these are all someone elses responsibility and it is drama for pointing it out after your staff ignored it. It is drama that we possibly saved hundreds if not thousands of customers and vendors getting busted due to your poor practices. Same it was drama that your marketplace was hacked 2 times before as well, that makes it more clear now. William there was some mutual respect (that is obviously gone now that you have shown you are indeed a sour teenager) but certain level of incompetence can not be tolerated as peoples lives are at stake.

Anyway as you said enough talk, anyone can see some of the information below and decide for themselves. I would assume that you have cleaned the server and left it by now. Since the information below is not too sensitive I find it okay to post given your stance on your post which is nothing more than a bitch cry muffled with a bit of white foam from your mouth as the lights go out. Remember that it was yourself that put the vulnerable code in and hence the vibrator you have sat on has been put inside on your own from the beginning, 3 years ago, just because someone else pointed out that it was sticking out of yourself does not mean they turned it on. Same as little yosi, instead of going out like a man and making excuses and last attempt with whatever reputation you have left to try to smear, you decide to show as everyone lack of a lot of qualities that make an admin good. Regardless what is done is done, it all only proves the amount of clowns running marketplaces all good when it is going well but it is the tough times that count and show to vendors and buyers alike what you are like. Again to bring up little yosi 'incident', instead of apologizing to his customers and moving on, he threw a fit like a girl and left Dread. You at least gave multisig transactions (I do not know what happened to the XMR, should we even ask?) so in that manner I will remove a few timestamps below that can identify the server as well as not post connected IPs to the server some of which mind you home ISP IP. 

Versus market admin was quick to comment ‘Are you the guy who had his market taken down by LE while you were “Head of Security”? Correct me if I am wrong.‘, taking a jab at DeSnake for having the first AlphaBay having been taken down by the FBI and its former admin Alpha02 committing suicide at a Thai jail.

DeSnake quickly answered to this by claiming that his security was perfect and it was alpha02 fault for not implementing his advice and that ‘LE played dirty finding the servers behind Tor‘. His full comment-

Still trying to throw dirt on your way out? Classy classy. What happened with the XMR transactions again?

When procedures are not followed to the dot what I have outlined in terms of network/server security and application of updates etc., there is nothing I can do. I can not physically go over and make admin Y or X do Z or Q, there is some certain amount of action that has to be taken that is or more accurately was out of my control. Now however I have applied everything and I dare you prove it wrong.

You forget that marketplace like AlphaBay paved the way for platforms like yours to exist. You also very well know LE played dirty finding the servers behind Tor again should what I recommended been followed that would would not have been the case. Should there be an issue I will take responsibility like a man not like a sour kid. You might have been as a user on the old AlphaBay but your manners are certainly not one of an oldhead and though Versuses time is up due to the number of mistakes (you speak of LE but you should be greatful you did not suffer from it, as well as your customers and vendors), you could have left on a more classy note. But then again when you got nothing fruitful to say, throw the rock at the competitors house before you hide, nothing to lose right?

Thank you.

In conclusion this is once again an example on the major involvement of AlphaBay admin in darknet drama and his obsession to comment on anything AlphaBay related on Dread with him having over 50 posts and 2,180 comments in less than 10 months, something that other darknet markets admins are rarely achieve in the lifetime of their darknet market.

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