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Feds Allege DNM Vendor with Over 10k Sales Received Help from Postal Employee

Four Chinese nationals suspected of operating the FireBunnyUSA vendor account were indicted in New York City last Friday, Feb. 17th on charges related to drug trafficking and possession, along with a US Postal Service employee who allegedly provided advice on how to import drugs without being detected. Nan Wu, 35, of Flushing, New York, is believed to be the mastermind of the vendor operation which raked in $7.2 million between Jan. 2019 and Aug. 2022. across over 10,000 sales on unnamed darknet markets.

Other members of the vendor team include Peng Peng Tang, 30, who rented homes and office space to coordinate shipping and financial transactions, Bowen Chen, 38, who took over shipping after a July 2022 raid on Wu’s New York home, and Zixiang Lin, 22, who shipped the orders, rented U-Hauls for transportation of the drugs as well as storage facilities for their safe-keeping.

MDMA advertised for sale by FireBunnyUSA. Source: Manhattan DA’s Office

During the July search of Wu’s home, investigators found 1200 Ecstasy pills, 1 kg of ketamine, along with other drugs and packaging supplies. A phone belonging to Tang also taken during the search was found to have $900,000 in cryptocurrency on it. According to investigators, over $734,000 of vendor proceeds were laundered through cryptocurrency exchange accounts belonging to Wu and Tang, with an additional $2.4 million sent to foreign exchanges and laundered into Chinese yuan.

Undercover agents performed 11 buys of products listed by FireBunnyUSA between June 2021 and Aug. 2022 for delivery to Manhattan; the largest of which was an order for 60 grams of cocaine for roughly $2,800. The vendor advertised itself on various darknet markets as “old” and having “the best quality speed of delivery and stealth.”

The vendor team was allegedly assisted by Katie Montgomery, of South Portland, Maine, a USPS employee who provided advice on how to receive international shipments of drugs like MDMA, cocaine and ketamine without being detected by customs or internal controls. Montgomery is also believed to have agreed to check on incoming shipments for the team to see if they had been flagged by USPS as suspicious. She pleaded not guilty to the charge of conspiracy in the 2nd degree, a class B felony.

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