GammaGoblin – pushing the taboo since January 2012!

GammaGoblin is the biggest LSD seller in the world and has been a part of Silk Road v1 and v2, Sheep Marketplace, Black Market Reloaded, Evolution, Middle Earth and Black Bank since 2012.

105mcg The Goblin Gift – 99.5% Needlepoint xtal

GammaGoblin is bulk-oriented seller which consists of some of the best quality LSD available on European market, both in crystal and blotter form with unique, custom made prints as well as a special changa blend.
GammaGoblin brand was also built on being the only synthetic mescaline and DOM vendors a few years back, but now he sticks to LSD and changa.

GammaGoblin acknowledges that centralized markets sooner or later become seized or their admins perform exit scams. In both situations neither vendors nor users can get their funds back. This has changed slightly with the introduction of multi-sig transactions, but he is rather not gamble with buyers security being in the hands of people he does know nothing about.

105mcg The Toltec Myth – 99.5% Needlepoint xtal

It essentially means that when you use a market, not only you have to put your trust in the vendor, but also in the market. GammaGoblin decided to allow his customers to bypass one of these points of failure and let you to make purchases directly with him via his own GammaGoblin link hidden service.

This allows GammaGoblin to give you better prices and make sure that your funds are safe with him, as they are kept in our private, offline wallets!

GammaGoblins Product

LSD Blotters

GammaGoblins Pricing on tabs is as follows-

  • 105mcg The Toltec Myth – 99.5% Needlepoint xtal 1000 tabs – 1700$
  • 105mcg The Goblin Gift – 99.5% Needlepoint xtal 1000 tabs – 1550$
  • 105mcg Fractal Storm – 95% Fluff xtal 1000 tabs – 1380$
  • 155mcg Flower of Life – 95% Fluff xtal 1000 tabs – 1950$
  • 105mcg White on White – 98+% Czech White xtal 1000 tabs – 1400$
  • 200mcg Kali Yuga – Czech NP xtal 1000 tabs – 3400$
  • 105mcg The Goblin Gift – 99.5% Needlepoint xtal 1000 tabs- 1550$
155mcg Flower of Life – 95% Fluff xtal

LSD crystals

Needlepoint – 99.5%+ pure xtal 100mg – 1540$

Needlepoint – 99.5%+ pure xtal
  • Fluff – 95%+ pure xtal 100mg – 1240$
Fluff – 95%+ pure xtal

GammaGoblin Changa

Changa – 35% DMT content 10g – 500$.

Changa – 35% DMT content

GammaGolbin prides himself with his great quality of psychedelics as well as one of the best stealth in the Darknet Markets, and because of this he has many resellers among all the the biggest Darknet Markets.

GammaGoblin Link of Private Store

GammaGoblin sells only from his private store, if you want to buy only a few of his product you can find resellers on other darknet markets such as Versus Market or Alphabay Market.

GammaGoblin V3 onion url- gammaemg7i7k7wenjownsjsenogaqdd6gb5zu2553xve44vxxfj6fiad.onion

GammaGoblin guide –

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