How to Generate PGP Keys and Add Them to DarkMarket

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In this article you will learn what a PGP key pair is, how to generate one, and how to copy and paste your PGP public key into a darknet market known as DarkMarket.

PGP stands for “Pretty Good Protection” and is a method of encrypting and verifying digital information such as emails, text messages, and other documents. Most darknet markets require that their members provide a PGP public key upon registration of their account in the case that sensitive messages need to be sent from one member to another. The signing of such a message involves the sender using the public key of the recipient to encrypt the message. The recipient then uses their private key to decrypt the message.

Thus, there are 2 keys generated during the PGP key creation process: public and private. The public key is the one required by darknet markets like DarkMarket. There are several different ways to generate PGP key pairs; in this article we will be using a program called Gpg4win, also known as Kleopatra.

First, visit the Gpg4win website to begin downloading the program.

While downloading gpg4win is free, you will be presented with a few different donation options to donate money or bitcoin to the developer. If you wish to bypass the donation process, simply click the big blue “$0” as a donation amount option to make the blue “Download” button appear beneath the donation text. Click it to begin downloading the program.

After the gpg4win has finished downloading, double click it to begin the installation process. After the installer opens, click “Next” to continue. You will be presented with a list of components to be installed. Note that the “GPA” option is unchecked by default. Check this option before clicking “Next” to proceed (the “Browser integration” option is not necessary to install).

The next screen will then ask you where you want the program to be installed. By default, the directory path should say C:\Program Files\Gpg4win. Install the program in the default Program Files folder option.

After the installation has finished, click “Next,” and then “Finish” with the “Run Kleopatra” box checked (it is checked by default). You will now be presented with the main screen of the Kleopatra program. From here, click the big “New Key Pair” box in the middle of the screen to generate your PGP keys.

You are then brought to the Key Pair Creation Wizard screen. Though the word “(optional)” is written next to both Name and Email fields, you will need to provide at least 5 characters in the Name field in order to generate a PGP key pair that can be connected to your Dark Market account. For the purposes of creating PGP keys for darknet market accounts, you do not need to use the same name as your account on DarkMarket, but you can if you wish.

Note that a key pair is only valid for 2 years under the default option. You can increase or decrease the length of time for which your keys are valid by clicking on the “Advanced Settings” button and adjusting the Valid until field (uncheck the box next to the field if you want your keys to never expire). You do not need to adjust the other settings when creating PGP keys for DarkMarket. After you have entered your PGP account name, press “Next” and then “Create” to generate your key pair.

You will then be asked to create a pass phrase of at least 10 letters to secure your keys. Be sure to create a pass phrase you won’t forget. Write it down somewhere in case you need to access it later. Without it, you will not be able to sign and decrypt future messages. After doing this and entering in the same pass phrase twice, click “OK” to continue.

After the key pair has been successfully created, press “Make a Backup Of Your Key Pair” under the words Next Steps.

Save the file in a folder where you will remember where it is (the file name will be a long string of characters, this is known as your “PGP fingerprint”). After the file has been saved, you will be brought back to the Key Pair Creation Wizard, then press “Finish.”

You will then be brought back to the Kleopatra home screen which displays your newly created key pair name. To access your public key (the one you will be pasting into your DarkMarket account), right-click the field with the key pair name and press “Details” at the bottom of the menu.

Next, press the “Export” button. This will bring up the contents of your public key.

Click anywhere in the box of text, select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c) the entire contents. This is your PGP public key, and what you will be pasting in your DarkMarket account. Paste (ctrl+v) it into a text document and save it in a place where you will remember where it is.

Log in to your DarkMarket account using your Tor browser. Note that if the main site is down, there are mirrors (alternative links) that you can get on darkfail.

DarkMarket linkhttp://7bdnmuukgku6qrca6ean2m4lhbqzomxeh73bdnaypea6gv2gx2akbeqd.onion

After you have successfully logged in, click on the link with your account user name in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

This will bring you to your Update Profile screen. In this screen, you will be able to enter in your newly created PGP Public Key. Scroll down below the words Profile Information to find the box that says Set new PGP key next to it, which is slightly below the words New PGP key.

Next, copy and paste your entire PGP public key into this box. Your public key will always start with the words:


And end with the words:


Then press Add PGP and you will be redirected to a page where you need to decrypt the message and paste the password that will be given to you:

Press the Validate PGP and you will be done.

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