HugBunter Attacking Darknet Markets

In the last few days Dread has been down and now HugBunter (Dread Admin) has revealed that Dread has been under heavy attack which he belives was caused by a few darknet market admins.

HugBunter has made a threat on Darknet Admins where he told them he will attack them unless they will stop attcking other markets and Dread as well, his reason for the attacks are that those attack Limit the information flow. Generally when dread gets attacked like this a market exits. It’s also not just markets attacking other markets. It’s phishers at one time paying DDOSERS to attack markets so they can spread links easier and trick low hanging fruit which then funds more attacks to continue the cycle.

DarkNetOnions has asked HugBunter what he is gonna do if the attack will not stop and according to him “all hell will break loose“, he also confirms he has starting building a few servers to carry on the attack on that darknet markets he belives are attacking Dread.

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HugBunters full statement-

Today marks roughly (or exactly, I can't remember, but the date seems familiar), 2 years since the attacks started at Dream.

The last few days have seen multiple attacks which markets are co-ordinating against each other in an attempt to outlive their competitors which is completely idiotic unless you are competing across the top 2 markets, which these markets involved really aren't.

I put out a stern warning last month that this behavior will not be tolerated and markets would be penalized if found to be organizing DoS attacks, things did somewhat calm down after that, but it has continued and everyone is blaming each other.

These childish arguments are not those of business-minded individuals and at this point I have really had enough, especially when it is brought to my house with everyone blaming each other, retaliations and now an attack on Dread itself, which whilst we will have outscaled it again shortly, is not acceptable.

These attacks destabilize the entire network and there is real potential for the entire Tor network to collapse, which I haven't even publicized since it was on the brink of happening last year when we scaled so far with an attacker we could have literally touched every node on the network. I do not want this to be exploited, however the seriousness of the situation needs to be discussed.

I am attacked for not having magical powers to resolve all of this at the click of my fucking fingers and being able to somehow identify who has paid for an attack, there is no way to prove it so action cannot be taken on any single individual.

I have now given an ultimatum to several markets who I deem could potentially be currently funding attacks, considering it or previously have done so. If all attacks are not called off within the coming hours, I will be taking every single one of these markets offline. Whilst this will affect markets who may not be remotely involved, this is the only way to fairly demonstrate that they cannot hold attacks over competitors heads as a means of increasing their business. They are not just affecting the market, but many buyers and vendors, who's money is stuck in the market's escrow whilst they are down, that money or product many individuals rely on to get by and they are severely harming the Tor network.

This may seem somewhat a counter productive approach and even hypocritical, but this is the nuke button and it is the only chance I see of resolve since we don't have any true fix from Tor Project 2 years on. Taking all of these markets down may take the network with it, maybe that will allow them to prioritize a fix too.

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