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Kingdom Market Celebrates 2nd Birthday

The admins and community liaisons of Kingdom Market took to various social media platforms last week to announce the two-year anniversary of the founding of their darknet marketplace, which opened for business on Mar 21, 2021. The announcement was made through official market accounts on Dread, Reddit, and Telegram, among others, as well as the market itself.

In a message shared across the various platforms, an account labeled as “King Admin,” kingdommarketofficial, gave thanks to the market’s users, Dread, and other “partners” for helping it to achieve its current level of success. The market admin also hinted at improvements coming to Kingdom, which they say will encompass a “graphic redesign of the entire KingdomMarket itself.”

Excerpt of birthday message posted in the d/KingdomMarket subdread on the Dread forum.

As with any darknet market, Kingdom has faced numerous hurdles during its rise, picking up along the way customers from now-defunct markets like World Market, Versus, and most recently, AlphaBay. In mid-January, the market suffered simultaneous attacks on all its onion mirrors that left it largely inaccessible for the better part of two weeks. As a preventative measure against such attacks in the future, the market rolled out a private mirrors program for buyers and vendors, in which account-specific mirrors can be purchased via a subscription service for varying lengths of time.

Kingdom Market is currently the fifth biggest darknet market in terms of listings – with over 23,000 in all – which is in-between Tor2Door above it and Abacus below. It is one of the few markets to support Litecoin in addition to Bitcoin and Monero, and the only market to feature a section specifically for intra-city orders with guaranteed 2-day shipping times (known as the “Pony&Orient Express”). A large majority of its listings are for drug-related products.

The market maintains an active presence on Dread, where they provide 24/7 support in a dedicated subdread that is followed by 1,112 subscribers. It is generally lauded by its users for its quick support ticket processing, timely resolutions to disputes, and easy order placement process.

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