Tor Browser: eveything you need to know to get started

Tor Browser is the foundation of any measure or step taken in protecting your digital identity, as well as for browsing the dark web. As you might know by now, it’s impossible to access dark web sites using your regular (what some call “clear net” as opposed to “dark net”) browser such as Google Chrome.

Begin by downloading Tor Browser, which is available for most devices and platforms.

Tor browser is the best darknet browser. There's also I2P, but it's not as good for darknet markets.
Tor Browser’s download page

Once downloaded and installed, pop it open.

It’s the same as any browser, only that now you can browse darknet and deep web sites. Darknet sites are commonly referred to as “hidden services” or “onions”, since they are accessible through .onion domains.

For a list of .onion darknet sites, including forums, markets, vendor shops and more check out our home page or market list page. We keep adding new ones monthly, so be sure to visit us every now and then.

We also regularly research the dark web and publish full darknet markets buying guides on our site.

Is browsing the darknet with Tor Browser illegal?

No. Tor Browser is just a… browser. It can’t be illegal using a browser.
What might be beyond the legal system, is buying any illegal services or substances. That said, remember that law enforcement isn’t after the small buyer. They are after dealers who buy in bulk with the intention to distribute. If that’s not you, then you shouldn’t worry at all.
By all means, use the darknet with caution, but nothing you’ll do here is more risky than buying off somebody you know in person. If anything, it’s safer on the darknet, as nobody gets to see you, and all interactions are anonymous.

What darknet sites should I stay away from?

Contrary to popuplar belief, the darknet is actually a very safe place. It’s where people go to spread free speech and share their true ideas without any body or government to censor or restrict.

However, just like a coin, there’s another side to it. Some common darknet traps to stay away from are:

“Double your bitcoin” scams — essentially sites that claim to run some kind of a draw or raffle, double whatever amount of crypto you send them. These sites are 100% scam and if you play, you’ll never see your money again.

Child Porn (“Jail bait”) — these are very hard to come across, but from a statistical standpoint, at least a few of you will. And if you do, close the tab immediately. No need to freak out. But definitely do not attempt to log in or sign up to any site that claims to share this kind of content. It is highly risky and many of these sites are honey traps set by law enforcement agencies. Be careful!

Please use the darknet responsibly and for research purposes only.
We hope you enjoy what you’re set our to find. 🙂