LSD Harm Reduction – First Time Use

This is a harm reduction guide and informational document for people who seek their first LSD experience.

First LSD experience guide

  1. Forms
  2. Sources
  3. Dosage Info
    ▪ Info
    ▪ First time dosage
    ▪ Drug combinations
  4. Set, Setting & Sitter
    ▪ Set
    ▪ Setting
    ▪ Sitter
  5. Prerequisites
    ▪ Testing reagents
    ▪ Preparing Set & Setting
  6. The Trip
    ▪ Timeline
    ▪ Important
  7. Integration
  8. Tips
  9. Links (more to read)

1. Forms:

Pure raw LSD is a crystalline white substance. Due to the high potency by weight, LSD is normally distributed in liquid or paper form.
Liquid normally contains a solution made from LSD and alcohol or water.
Blotters are squares of paper that were soaked in a solution containing LSD. Often Blotters are colorfully printed and/or perforated.

2. Sources:

Given the illegal status of LSD, you’ll need to procure it on the black market.
Either you have trustworthy connections to people, who have access to LSD or you can have a look around in this beautiful forum.
Check out the star rated vendors, consider your options, read up on bitcoin and OPSEC and place an order.
For markets list check the side bar or visit here.

3. Dosage Info:

All dosage info is for oral / sublingual use.
Threshold: 10-25µg
Light: 25-75µg
Common: 75-150µg
Strong: 150-400µg
Heavy: 400µg+

First Time Dosage:

For a first time experience, a recommended dose is between 50-100µg of LSD.
If you have no prior experience with psychedelics or are sensitive you should rather stick to the low end of that range.

A good general guide line for dosing LSD, or any drug for that matter:
It’s always better to err on the low side. You can always take more another time.

This dose will result in a mild trip that gives a good first understanding of how LSD feels like.
The effects will be light for most people and include slight visual effects, enhancement of all senses & a general altered state of consciousness.
For a comprehensive list of possible LSD effects please check the links in the bottom of this document.

Drug Combinations:

On your first experience it’s not advised to mix LSD with other substances.
Alcohol in low doses is okay as it might help with the anxiety, but limit it to very small amounts or even better – stay off it for the course of the trip.
If you are a regular weed smoker, please be careful, as weed can enhance the effects of LSD dramatically, up to a possibly unpleasant degree.
Whenever you are more experienced and you want to try combinations with other substances, make sure do extensive research.
Good starting points are the drug combination safety chart (link in the bottom) and experience reports of other users.

4. Set, Setting & Sitter:

Set & Setting describe the mental state (set) and the physical & social environment (setting) of the person that is about to go into the experience.


Make sure you are in a good place, mentally and physically.
LSD has the potential to intensify existing emotions and the current state of mind. If you’re going through a rough time right now, you should consider
leaving your first LSD experience to a better point in time.


For your first experience choose a safe and comfortable place.
If you have company make sure they are trusted and responsible people.
Also make sure, that you’re free of responsibilities for the time of the trip, so you can fully relax an enjoy the experience.


A sober, trustworthy friend is recommended for anybody who has never take any psychedelics.
It’s very important, that you feel comfortable around your sitter.
A sitter is not a necessity, but a sitter can assist you during the trip if you can’t due to your intoxicated state of mind.

5. Prerequisites:

Testing LSD:
No matter from where you procure your LSD, it is always good practice to test it.
To test for the presence of LSD (and indoles in general) at least an Ehrlich reagent is necessary.
It’s advised to test your LSD with multiple testing reagents though, to make sure you actually have LSD.
In the links section there are some links to merchants of testing reagents.

Preparing Set & Setting:

To get the most out of your experience, take a little time before the experience to prepare yourself and your surroundings.
Wear comfortable clothes, make sure you have water & maybe something light to eat around and prepare some music that you like for your journey.
Turn your phone off / set it to silent so you will not be disturbed and try to stay away from social media during the experience.

Eat light a couple of hours before the experience. So you are well nourished but don’t have a full stomach going into the experience.
Prepare yourself a note reminding you that you’re under the influence of a substance and you’ll be back to normal in a couple of hours.
The note is obviously not a requirement, but if the trip ever becomes heavy it can easily calm your mind.

6. The Trip:

The overall experience will last 6-12 hours.
Onset: 20-60 minutes
You will feel very first changes in your perception across all senses.

Coming up: 30-60 minutes.
The effects manifest and intensify during this period. There is no doubt anymore that you’re under the influence.

Peak: 4-6 hours.
The effects that have manifested themselves during the coming up phase will be very pronounced.

Coming Down: 3-5 hours.
The effects will slowly discipate from your consciousness and you’ll slowly return to a sober state of mind.


This should go without saying but I’ll mention it anyway:

  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence. No matter the phase of the trip.
  • Stay safe. Your perception of reality will change – don’t do anything stupid. Example: Showering -> awesome & pretty safe. Mountain free climbing -> not so much.

7. Integration:

Every LSD experience has the potential to change your views about any particular thing. Therefore your (sober) mind will have to integrate the experience
into every day life. To fully take advantage of the experience, you should take some time to think about your experience.
It’s advised that you have the day after the experience to think, relax and integrate everything you’ve learned.

8. Tips

This should be a collection of tips of the garden community.
Here are some things to start off:

▪ Focus on breathing
If your trip produces anxiety or you go into a negative head space just focus on your breathing. It will calm your mind and ground you.
▪ Water
Make sure you hydrate enough during your experience.
▪ Heavy blanket
Have a heavy blanket around. Sometimes one can get chilly during the trip. A heavy blanket feels awesome & provide a feeling of comfort.
▪ You’re (partially) in charge
If you stick with lowish dosages for your first time and the effects seem overwhelming or you are in a bad headspace remember that you can take action by actively thinking about other, more pleasant things. It normally doesn’t take long to change head space on LSD. On higher dosages YMMV.

This is just to start off, feel free to submit your own tips. If the community agrees on it, I’ll make sure to add it.

9. Links

GammaGoblin shop (biggest LSD seller on the Darknet)- Guide here

Erowid on LSD:

PsychonautWiki on LSD:

LSD Effects (extensive list):

Drug combination safety chart:

Merchant for testing reagents (good price / value):

Final words

Enjoy the ride. LSD is a wonderful substance that can, if used responsibly, change your life for the better.

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