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Greetings and welcome to Abacus Marketplace!

We would like to take a moment to share with you the philosophy behind this project and the reasons why this exists today.

The Past – Silk Road & AlphaBay Market:

Ross Ulbritch outlined in his personal diary his idea for a website “where people could buy anything anonymously, with no trail whatsoever that could lead back to them”. A while later, he made this idea a reality with the creation of what is considered the first darknet marketplace; Silk Road, and with this the beginning of an era founded on libertarian principles which in fact did not pretend to be an utopia but it came very close. The end of Silk Road and all attacks against genuine free market has only spread on a global scale the existence of of darknet markets.

After Silk Road, there were more good markets, but it was not until Alphabay came to achieve a huge and varied market of different categories that the “Dark Amazon” concept of having a large-scale anonymous market became a reality (lastest stats of Alphabay proves that since Alphabay, no other market has reached those numbers again in terms of vendors and listings).

We like how intuitive AlphaBay’s interface is for buyer and vendors (specially we like how alpha02 added some unique features and how some of those features still cannot not be found on any other market). We improved lot of things and added some necessary changes). We do not believe that it is fair that the most friendly and intuitive layout that the darknet has ever seen be remembered in a bad way due to the exit scammed Empire market.

Excited and convinced with Ross’ libertarian economic theory, which will be our guide for this great and long project, and in love with alpha02’s intuitive interface, we decided to bring live the AlphaBay’s layout with some improvements with the name of Abacus Market. We do not want to be another market more, time will prove it. We worked hard to code from scratch a complete platform with high standards. Over the time we will start implementing more unique features. This is going to be a long way to go, and we know that we are going to find difficulties, we have already found them to get where we are today, and we know more will come but we have love for this and the only thing we expect is Abacus to be of great help for all of you that believe in a free and anonymous market.

This is it. Before we could contribute with fresh and unique ideas to the darknet community, it was neccesary to look at the beggining of this freedom revolution. Only knowing about our past we can make a better future.

Present & Future – Abacus Market:

You may be shocked to find listings here that are outlawed in your jurisdiction. That doesn’t mean Abacus is lawless. In fact, we have a very strict code of conduct that, if given a chance, we believe most people would agree wtih our rules are based in treating other as you would like to be treated, do not try to scam others on market and mind your own business. In the spirit of those rules, there are some things you will never see here, and if you do please report them. We do not allow child pornography or any resources that might lead to, selling humans or their parts, services to harm other (physical or mental including assassination, threatening, arson, surveillance, harassment etc), fentanyl or analogues, poisons, selling guns, explosives or any items which may lead to any terroristic actions (some exceptions are tasers, pepper sprays), just to name a few.

Although probably the darknet community has never been as big as it is today, we do not see anymore the same enthusiasm or a solid community around markets like before. We want to extend our hand in a sign of friendship to all other markets like us, and the possibility of cooperating together to make the darknet an unified and united community for the freedom of all of us. We want to thanks valuable figures like HugBunter, Paris or Mr White working really hard for the darknet community and even making opensource the EndGame giving market’s admin a free tool to fight against ddos attacks.

Abacus Market is totally against the War on Drugs, which today is questioned around the world, has only brought deaths, abuses of power, spending on public money. We are against of limit people’s access to controlled substances that they decided to get. The will be able to get it from streets without knowing what they are buying and eliminating the simplicity of sharing information with other people in the same situation.

We have lot of plans related with harm reduction, some of our closest friends died due to an overdose from a substance they bought adulterated and they did not know it. We encourage to all our buyers to learn what are lethal doses of each substance and to not trust in nobody, buy your own testing kits or send some samples to your nearest testing laboratory to be sure about what you are going to take. If we find that some seller is selling adulterated substances they will banned forever from our platform and all their customers will be immediately warned.

The old saying, “with freedom comes responsibility”, couldn’t be more true here. You will find easy access to things that could get you in trouble with your authorities and are downright terrible for your health. So, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. However, You are owner of your life and it’s your job to judge what is good and bad for you. No one else can do that.

Stay safe, have fun, and come to say hi on the forums!

Your faithful servant,

Abacus’ Team

We are happy to announce that the upgrade has been completed successfully. Abacus Market is now better than ever and ready to serve all vendors and buyers looking for a stable, secure and fast marketplace.

About the update: even the market was working correctly, we decided to do the maintenance to upgrade all the network infrastructure, fixing with it any timeout errors and improving server stability, security and speed. We took our time to make sure to complete all pending tasks during the market maintenance so we do not have to put the market down for a long time again. For us, security and stability are the most important factors of an anonymous marketplace and with this update Abacus and Abacus’ servers infrastructure are now on another level which we are really proud of.

About the re-branding: as the community suggested, now the market has a 100% unique brand name which will not generate more confusions over other similar markets brands. Abacus is a feature rich marketplace coded from scratch and it is here to stay. We do not want to be confused with any other market because of the name.

We also want to announce that we are also working on a tool thought for the drug community which will 100% free to use and will be very useful for the whole community. More news coming soon.

From Abacus Market and Abacus Forum we welcome you to join us if have not do so yet, you won’t be disappointed.

Abacus Market Link – http://abacuseeettcn3n2zxo7tqy5vsxhqpha2jtjqs7cgdjzl2jascr4liad.onion
Abacus Forum Link – http://abacusforafuhyaebalelwh3c2rojzjjkf7n2ubaxiaws5mxlcqjmdid.onion

General points:
– We prefer to invest our time in improving the market and adding new features than wasting time replying unnecessary messages, we are open to suggestions, constructive criticism, but we won’t waste our time dealing with drama, weird accusations, fake theories, avoid such things with us because we are not going to play that game.
– We respect every market, administrator and other services on darknet, we do not believe in ddos or any other bad practices, we hope to have a good relationship with everyone.
– This is our first and only marketplace, we are not and we won’t be ever affiliated with any current or future marketplace or service.
– Support only on market and our forum

Market FAQ:
– How to become a vendor? You just need to verify your PGP Key and you are good to go, MichaelCorleone published a step by step guide on forum.
– How to ask vendor tag? There is topic for that on this subdread, do not forget to also ask your tag on Alphabet Forum

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