Cannabia is an up-and-coming cannabis-only darknet market that is sponsored and managed by the owners of Bohemia, which is a well-respected market that has been in operation for a little over a year. It makes sense that Bohemia would think to branch off into a separate market, seeing as how their Cannabis & Hashish category currently sports over 12,500 listings, which represents about 1/3 of their total listings. Vendors of cannabis and related items on Bohemia will be able to port their listings, profiles, and sales data to the new market, and login credentials will remain the same for all pre-existing users.

According to the Bohemia team, Cannabia will serve to “fill in a hole which remains in the DNM community since the exits of the 2 biggest cannabis-only marketplaces,” referring to the recently-retired Cannazon and CannaHome markets. The team has confirmed that the new market will be based on Bohemia’s design and use the same software. They have also pledged to introduce a series of improvements not seen with Bohemia’s current design, including “bulk options, re-occurring automated orders, and fully customizable sales.”

Product Selection

Cannabia will likely have the same subcategories for cannabis and related items as it did for Bohemia, which include Buds, Concentrates, Edibles, Hash, Prerolls, Seeds, Shake, Synthetic, and Tropicals. The market will have over 10,000 listings to begin with – a number which is expected to grow significantly as more vendors port their account from Bohemia to the new market. To be found will be the same vendors on Bohemia – many of whom ship worldwide – with the possible addition of others who were hesitant setting up shop on non-cannabis specific markets. Product listings can be narrowed using a number of filters.

Payment Methods

It is likely that the new market will support both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), as those are the two payment options currently supported by Bohemia. It is also likely to use the traditional account wallet system, which means you must pre-fund your account with a deposit before making a purchase. This means Cannabia will not feature per-order (Direct Pay) payments or multisig payments, as well. It also means the market poses a greater danger to users if it exit scams, taking everybody’s funds along with them in the process. This risk can be avoided by only depositing enough funds to cover one order at a time.


Ever since the graceful exits of Cannazon in Nov 2021 and CannaHome in May 2022, the darknet has lacked a market dedicated to the provision of cannabis and related products. This is a desirable resource because it potentially will incur less attention and resources from law enforcement and other adversaries hoping to shut it down. It will not, however, be without risk, or the usual challenges faced by darknet markets (withstanding DDOS attacks, deterring scamming vendors, and providing a well-functioning product). The main upside of the new market is that it will make ordering cannabis products extremely easy and efficient.

For more information about Cannabia, visit their page on the Dread forum (requires a Tor browser), where you can find an FAQ and all the latest regarding the market’s launch date and verified mirrors (after it launches).

Cannabia Development phase

Phase 1: Bohemia v1.0

Admittedly, Bohemia still has some work to be done (perfection takes time). The first phase will consist of working on any remaining bugs, and (if any) missing functionality. Anything of core importance will also be addressed.

Our support box is open to suggestions as always.

Phase 2: Cannabia Merchant Early Access

Each and every merchant currently registered on Bohemia, with at least 10 listings located within the parent category of ‘Cannabis’, will receive a direct and private link to Cannabia. The following data will be automatically imported:

• Listings
• Feedback Received
• Profile Data (Avatar, Description, Sales Policy)
• Sales Statistics
• All credentials (secret phrase, PIN, password etc).

Cannabia will be strictly merchant only accessible whilst we polish up, implement functionality, and address any merchant queries and/or suggestions. Cannabia-only functionality includes (but not limited to):

• Bulk Options For Buyers.
• Configurable Sales/Discounts.
• Quick Ordering (1-click).

Phase 3: Soft Launch

Given the current circumstances regarding DDoS attacks, Cannabia will have 2 launches, the first being a soft launch.

Existing Bohemia users, with an active buyer history will receive a private link to Cannabia. Likewise, a public I2P mirror, which can be used by anyone will be made available once phase 3 is initiated. No buyer history on Bohemia will be required to access the I2P endpoint.

Phase 4: Full Launch

We will continue to monitor the ongoing attacks. Although work on PoW is ongoing (progress can be tracked here: gitlab.torproject[dot]org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40634 [*]), it’s unlikely that it will be made available anytime soon, and as such waiting should not be seen as a solution at this moment.

A public mirror will be made available (cannabia…[dot]onion), and promoted via the relevant channels. Necessary architecture will be deployed to ensure uptime, and accessibility.

Rotational mirrors will also be employed during this phase, via bohemia[dot]so [*], and other mediums where possible.

The team would like to thank all those who’ve shown support towards our latest project, and hope to see you all on Cannabia very soon!

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