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DarkFox Market has been around a year now, and with the recent dark market bust is gaining more users and vendors. DarkFox Market is using the famous Eckmar script, which in itself is not a bad thing since the script has been around for a few years now, but generally speaking is not a positive thing, will the market be around in months and years to come? is it advisable to use DarkFox Market? Is the market secure? It need to be seen the answer to those questions in the months and years to come.

For a complete guide on Dark Fox market please visit our comprehensive guide on DarkFox market here.

Some stats on DarkFox Market

Name: DarkFox Market
DarkFox Market Link: mvwl4dlp732ke7oqp4tdu56gkbozurqykbl3ca6qc4x3t4rpxhe3hmyd.onion
Founded: February, 2020
Total Users: 81,800
Total Vendors: 729
Total Products: 6,545
2fa: Yes
Payment: Bitcoin (BTC)
Multisig: Yes
Referrals: Yes
Vendor Bond: 150$

DarkFox Market Link

If you have used an eckmar script before you will feel right at home, the DarkFox Market feels and behaves like any other eckmar script, although there seem to be some improvment in some areas of the script, and hopefully the admin have fixed some known and unknown bugs that exists in the famous eckmar script.

The main page of DarkFox Market URL is informative and shows some feature listings, all the Categories that exist, news, exchange rate and advanced search options for look up any drugs you wish to buy.

Registration on DarkFox

DarkFox Registration page is simple and easy, just input a username, password and pin number and you are good to go.

As other big markets, a mnemonic is given, it is important to save the 24 word mnemonic since the only way to reset your password or pin is with this mnemonic.

Buying Drugs on DarkFox Market

After choosing a product on DarkFox Url it is easy to get all the information on the product, including feedback and refund policy, DarkFox has even added an option to report on a listing so any scam can be detected fast.

DarkFox Market is a wallet based market, meaning that before you can place an order you need to go to your wallet and deposit bitcoin.

It is highly advised to check the reviews on the product you wish to buy, the recent feedback tells a lot about the vendor and if he is running an exit scam.

DarkFox made sure to make the order process as simple and easy as possible, simply make sure you have enough funds in your wallet and that you type in the address and hit the Purchase button and you good to go!

Buying Credit Cards on DarkFox Market Link

DarkFox has auto shop for credit cards, meaning it is super easy and fast to order credit cards, something that is lacking in other dark net markets right now and is special about DarkFox Market.


DarkFox has been around for a year now, It has a good design and east interface, if it will continue to stand against DDoS and will keep having good support it may become a leading market in the dark net space. Will it become the next Alphabay or dark market? only time will tell.

39 thoughts on “DarkFox Market

        1. Hey,
          Open a support ticket in the market, but if you used a link from other place you probably used a phishing link and lost your money.
          Always make sure to use links from reliable sources like this site.

  1. Imposible to connect in darkfox market since 2 days, i ordered 2 days ago, and if people can’t go, the vendor won’t ship me my order. The links say that is out of. Please say me what is the problem. i’m worry

  2. i can go in darkode for exemple, so why darkfox market no? i don’t want to loose my money , another day!!! i lost 180 euros for vendrs who did’nt deliver me my orders. so now it’s enought.

    1. You should choose the market you use by the vendors there.
      You should only buy from vendors with good reviews who will not scam you, If you find this vendor on any other market order from there.

  3. It is very important to use the link given here! I used some other link I found on dnstats com, and when I deposited $200 of bitcoin it was lost in the wind!

  4. Is Darkfox market down? I was on it and as I was ordering, it crashed. I have tried to log on again several times but nothing happens when I enter my info. The market seems to go down often.

    1. DarkFox Market is up but is getting DDoSed so just be patient and refresh the page.
      Sometimes pressing Ctrl+Shift+L to get a new tor circuit helps.

      1. I don’t understand why this market can’t do a better job against DDOS attacks. Still can’t log on. It’s been over a day and a half since I was able to log on. I made an order, but have no clue if it has been processed and shipped. Vendors must be just as upset as customers…

  5. This market is very hard to access. Over the last 24hours, I have had constant issues trying to connect, even with the anti DDOS alternative site. What is going on?!

  6. Darkfox Market is doing exit scam, most venders want you to contact them off market. wont answer dispute, wont refund wallet, no respons. i have no trouble logging in.

  7. How do u know they are planning to exitscam ? Was their support always so bad ? They don’t answer at all or maybe after a very long time ?

    1. DarkFox has shown no signs of an exit scam, this does not mean that they can not exit scam today- every market can and probably will exit scam at some point.
      Always keep your funds off darknet markets, only deposit when you want to pay for something.

  8. darkfox support will not answer tickets i have $400 in an order that never got filled that i disputed and its been 6 months and been closed automatically 5 times and i keep opening it with no avail. be careful with this site. the support is literally non existent

  9. darkfox has proven to be an absolute garbage site. i had a purchase that never arrived. opened a ticket, no response. opened another one, nothing. there is nobody there and the scammers know it. i am not sure if there is one legit vendor on this site but good luck to you if you want to try and find them.

    1. N’allez plus jamais sur ce site c’est de l’arnaque organisé. Ils maintiennent le site sciemment pour faire de l’arnaque selective. Ils bloquent tout aleatoirement, des qu’une dispute est ouverte c’est dans leur poche… ils font ca pour conserver le doute et continuer d’extorquer le maximum avant un exit scam. Tres mal codé c’est un site de merde pleins de bug et de non sens ! FUYEZ j’etais un ancien de canazone et malheureusement je n’ai pas reussi a m’inscrire sur darkcode donc je suis allez sur cette merde et je me suis fait baiser 200 balles !

  10. I have lost 250 euros fake order fake dispute the admin control all. The vendor was a very old vendor from canazon im 500% sure that the issue doesnt come from him. If you have a problem with this market i can suggest you to try to contact the vendor via an other market. Youll see that im right selective scam

  11. Don’t use Darkfox, they won’t refund your coin from a dispute. The 80% of the vendors are scammers

  12. hello can someone have a kind heart and talk to me and guide me on how to use pgp encryption please??? i have a medical sleep disorder due to a small brain mass right on my hypothalamus deep in my brain and the clonazepam my doc gives me will as best give me 5 hours of sleep a week so flualprazolam is my miracle drug before i go for a very risky surgery in several months.I tried the “bible” i tried EVERY video on youtube and quite honestly i am spent and my daughter doesn’t know what is wrong with me and why we can’t play softball in our yard no more and it hurts deeply as she is just 7.I am a caring single hard worker who nearly died after an IED or improvised explosive device nearly got me KIA or killed in action in that unforgiving dessert terrain on that terrible day….Had the ultimate nightmare of losing two brothers w\hich one saved my life as the blastthrew shrapnel up through the left back tire and i was right next to him then my ears were ringing like crazy…I was concussedband had a brain injury well now its up to you all and god bless! please help me out guys!

  13. I have placed two orders by two different vendors and the both vendors are ask me to finalise the order few hours after i placed a order then i refused to finalise,due to that reason they disputed the oders and wanna know how do i get the refund,

    Drvalma and drsues8 👈 stay away from this both vendors this fuckers are here to steal the money not for business

  14. Reply 2 anna
    On April 10th 2022
    I placed two orders from two different vendors Drvalma and Mobile

    Drvalma proceeded to message me minutes after purchase saying contact me on whatsapp or wickr @ hoty99 and finalize early…

    Mobile did the same thing,

    Hesitant and naive i did as they asked,

    After doing so i have been instantly ignored, bith orders have been completed and i still havent received anything,

    Darkfox vendors
    Drvalma, scammed me for $140 USD
    Mobile, scammed me for $190

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