MGM Grand

WARNING: Multiple reports on an exit scam of MGM Grand market.

MGM Grand is a smaller darknet market that has been around since April 2021 and has recently become more popular due to the closure or unavailability of other markets. According to stats kept by the market, it presently hosts a total of 366 vendors and about 6,000 active buyers. MGM Grand features a modern design that renders it not only sleek and easy to navigate but mobile friendly, as well. This means that is can be used to place orders from mobile devices that have a Tor browser installed on them with relatively easy โ€“ a feature not commonly found among darknet markets.

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WARNING: Multiple reports on an exit scam of MGM Grand market.

MGM Grand Market link – duysanjqxo4svh35yqke5r54z2xc5tjf6r3ichxd3m2rwcgabf44ad.onion

The market seems to be primarily comprised of listings featured by vendors from the EU and UK, although there are some vendors there based in the US and Australia, as well. Most vendors are at Level 1, meaning they have few sales, if any. For some reason the market continues to show listings from banned vendors, of which there are quite a few, and items are often priced in a confusing manner. Listings can be viewed by category or by vendor, although it is hard to find vendors with much experience unless a filter is used to show Level 2 or higher vendors. MGM Grand is current a BTC-only market.

Product Selection

MGM Grand currently hosts slightly less than 16,000 listings which are divided into the following categories: Fraud, Drugs, Digital Goods, Guides & Tutorials, Miscellaneous. By far the biggest number of listings can be found in the Drugs category, which is further divided into Benzos, Cannabis & Hashish, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Prescription, Steroids, Stimulants, Other Drugs, Paraphernalia, and Psychedelics. Somewhat surprisingly, the most popular of these categories is for Stimulants, rather than the traditional marijuana-related categories. An advanced filter makes finding particular products

Payment Methods

At present, the only cryptocurrency accepted by MGM Grand is Bitcoin (BTC), but it appears that the market has plans to integrate Monero at a future date. The market uses the traditional escrow system, meaning funds must be first deposited to a centrally-controlled wallet before an order can be placed (there are no direct pay or multisig options). All orders are placed either via Escrow or Finalize Early (FE), although very few vendors have been granted FE privileges.

MGM Grand Pros

  • Clean site design, extremely user-friendly interface.
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices.
  • Considered by many to be relatively competent and trustworthy.
  • Nice filter system makes it easy to locate specific products.

MGM Grand Cons

  • Appears to be slightly lax on user security (does not require PGP).
  • Does not support XMR or other privacy coins.
  • Requires deposit to fund account, all funds are held by the market.
  • Limited area of service by experienced vendors.

WARNING: Multiple reports on an exit scam of MGM Grand market.

MGM Grand Market url – duysanjqxo4svh35yqxe5r54z2xc5tjf6r3ichxd3m2rwcgabf44ad.onion

In all, MGM Grand is an interesting darknet market that has a unique combination of benefits and limitations. It features a โ€œ2.0โ€ site design and appears primed to cater to a new audience of mobile device users, but at the same time it is lacking in many basic functionalities expected of modern-day darknet markets. This includes no support for XMR, no Direct Pay options, and no enforcement of PGP encryption. We thus recommend never depositing more coins on the market than is necessary to cover one purchase at a time, making purchases from experienced vendors only, and always PGP encrypting shipping information on your own, rather than relying on the market to do it for you.

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