Revolution Market

Market Name:

Market Onion:

more links available at /mirrors.txt

Payment Methods (e.g. multisig, centralized escrow):
Centralized Escrow, Multisig & FE (Trusted vendors)

Payment Accepted (e.g. BTC, BCH, XMR):
XMR, BTC (aim to go XMR at a future date)

Brief Market Description:

  • XMR only at a future date.
  • Segwit BTC transactions
  • Buyer & vendor Levels with unique market addresses.
  • Traditional Escrow & Multisig.
  • Bug reporting system.
  • 2FA forced for vendors (you know they own show on their profile).
  • Avatar (Show your creativity).
  • Finalize early for top rated vendors only.
  • Cryptocurrency can not be stolen funds are moved to wallets on a unique server.
  • User deposit, withdraw and order/sales history checked on the unique server before a withdraw is granted.
  • Jabber notifications for vendors (only if an order is close to automatic cancellation).
  • Autoship digital items.
  • Automatic vacation for vendors after extended periods of down time (coming in the next update).
  • Teams (Vendors can select another user to reply to their messages and ship orders).

Banned Items:

  • No child porn.
  • No weapons.
  • No human trafficking.
  • No prostitution.
  • No fentanyl or analogues.
  • No terrorism related items or materials.

Why do you support BTC transactions?

We fully intend to become an XMR only marketplace we have BTC in place for now while we build up a userbase the community as a whole needs to convert to XMR, it’s safer and cheaper, we will only process BTC withdrawls to a segwit address.

Why segwit addresses only?

To save user BTC fees, segwit is cheaper on fees but not as cheap as Monero, if you need a segwit wallet, please download the latest version of Electrum *clearnet*

How are my funds safe on Revolution?

Once deposited and credited to your account, your funds are sent to Revolution controlled wallets on a different server.

Does this make requesting a withdrawal harder?

Withdrawal requests are processed every 90 minutes on average however it could take upto 12 hours in some cases. When you make a withdrawal request the second server checks the amount matches and if correct the funds are then sent to your wallet.

How long should I wait before contacting support about a withdrawal?

Twelve hours, if your funds have not arrived by that time contact support. Withdrawals on average should take 90 minutes

Why do you have BTC & XMR refund address if we have to make a withdrawal request?

The market will send any funds in your wallet to the XMR or BTC address you have listed, after 30 days of inactvity, please make sure the addresses used are valid.

How safe is the second server?

Very safe the server communicates over tor but does not have a public hidden service address and can only be accessed via the admin team, there is only a minimal chance the server could be seized even if the main server was taken down by le as the servers only communicate via their hidden service addresses.

If the main server was seized would the second server send my funds after 30 days?

Yes, your balance amount would be sent to your refund address after 30 days.

How do you give back to the community with commission donations?

Every fourth month we will donate all market commission made during the month to 10 users selected at random these users must have made at least one purchase during the previous three months, at the end of the month all commission will be split equally and shared between the 10 users.

Sometimes I see a White 404 error page when entering data into the market, why?

The market firewall has blocked your input you can try again removing any symbols you previously used alternatively you may contact support sending an encrypted message with the data you attempted to input and support will be able to whitelist the action.

How do I add funds to my account?

Click the balance link, you can either deposit BTC or XMR (at this point you should chose XMR unless your vendor does not accept it).

Help my deposit failed to showed up?

In most cases when a deposit fails to show it is because you sent the funds with a low or in some cases no fee, the BTC network will process those deposits at a slower rate, the deposit should show up eventually, you can also use block explorer to check how many confirmations the transaction has.

Which currency does Revolution Market recommend?

Monero (XMR) it’s safer to use and is a privacy based coin. If your vendor does not yet accept Monero ask them to consider it. A vendor can edit their existing listing and accept XMR payment in just a few clicks.

What is the mnemonic?

The mnemonic is used to reset your pin, or prove account ownership. Your mnemonic is displayed only once when creating your account, please keep it safe.

What do I do if i’ve lost my pin?

You can use your mnemonic to reset your pin at anytime.

When does the market cancel orders?

Vendors have 72 hours to mark accepted or shipped. All orders still processing after 72 hours will be cancelled and all funds returned to your account.

How can I become a vendor?

First you will need to set your PGP key here. Then you can read the rules and apply by BTC here or XMR here. There is a $150 none refundable vendor bond.

Do you offer a free vendor bond for established vendors?

Yes if you are already a vendor on another market, add your PGP key here. Then contact support please provide links to your current profiles or a link to Recon with your old profiles

I have FE status on another marekt can I have it here?

Yes, contact support with a link to your current FE profile.

How can I leave feedback for an order?

After your order has finalized check the order details page, you have 30 days to leave feedback.

What do I do if i’m experiencing a glitch or bug?

Contact Support. If you find a bug and report it to support the market team will confirm and fix the issue afterwards we will provide you with cryptocurrency as compensation. Compensation does not apply to bugs such as broken links or grammar mistakes it is for serious bugs only that could damage the marketplace or the userbase.

How do I extend my autofinalize timer?

If your order has failed to arrive and there is 24 hours or less left on the auto finalize timer, open your order details page and you will now see an extend af timer button, click this to extend the timer by seven days you can do this only once, at the same time you should contact support to raise a dispute.

What is Multisig?

Revolution uses 2/3 multisig this is the safest way to trade using BTC. We do not yet have multisig for XMR.

Setting up Multisig?

Vendors and buyers will need to configure their multisig settings first you can do so here. We recommend using electrum wallet. Open up electrum then right click on the address you want to use, click details, save both the address and the public key on the multisig page.

How do I create a multisig listing?

Click your vendor store settings here, from the escrow settings options select both, When you create a new listing you will need to select multisig in the option menu as the store default will always be regular. If you would like to offer the same listing with escrow and multisig you will need to create two listings one with regular escrow and the other with multisig.

How do I claim my funds from a sale or refund?

First you will need your redeem script it, copy it then head over to or their onion address http://4zpinp6gdkjfplhk.onion. Click new then transaction, paste your reedeem script, click load. Add the BTC address you would like the funds sent to add the amount making sure you leave enough to cover the trasaction fees, click submit. You will be presented with a new hex code , copy this hex (see below for more).

Who signs the hex first?

Vendors you can either send the unsigned hex to the buyer and have them sign it first and return the hex to you with their signature, you can then sign and broadcast the 2/3 signed hex from either coinb or the revolution website to release your funds. You could also create the transaction, sign it and have the buyer add the second signature & broadcast to release your funds.

Buyers If for any reason you need a refund you can repeast the process as if you were a vendor and either sign the hex yourself first and have the vendor broadcast it to release your funds or create the hex and send it to the vendor and have them sign it and return to you so you can add the second signature yourself to release the funds.

How do I use the coinb hex code?

Click the sign link, paste the hex code and also paste your private key from your electrum wallet that corresponds with the public key you saved on Revolution, right click the wallet address and click private key to recieve this. Click submit and you will be presented with a new hex, copy this hex and you can veirfy it using the verfied tab and see the hex has either 1/3 or 2/3 signatures.

My buyer/vendor is unable to sign, have I lost my funds?

No, we can act as your co-signer to release your funds.

How do hidden listings work?

Hidden listings do not show up in regular search results, you will need to give your buyer a direct link to the item.

I see less items in a category than stated, why?

Hidden listings or the vendor is set to holiday mode.

How long will Revolution be around.

We aim for 2-3 years. When the time comes to close we will warn users to stop placing orders and withdraw their funds, we will give three weeks notice.

xxx market does something better can you implement it?.

Contact support with any suggestions you have, we can’t promise to implement everything but we will take onboard all suggestions.

Best DNM and why?

Started it all.

Howdy Revolution vendors.

. Commission is 3%
. You may create one topic in this sub Dread with your products for sale.
. You may update your topic as often as you please.
. Never ask any buyer to communicate with you via any other medium use the market private mesasage system.
. We have a zero tolerance policy towards vendors asking users to contact them on wickr etc your account will be banned.
. At a future date we will switch to XMR only, you do not have to currently accept XMR yet.
. You will be provided with a private vendor only url.
. The jabber section in your profile is for market use only we will contact you if you have a pending order close to automatic cancellation.

You may NOT list any of the following.

. Child porn.
. Weapons including weapons of mass destruction.
. Any terrorism related material.
. Fentanyl including fentanyl analogues.
. Human trafficking or prostitution services.
. Poisons
. Murder for hire or any type of assassination services.

. In addition you should not participate in any form of doxxing.

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