The Versus Market

Versus Market was hacked and has now gone offline without any notice or explanation from its admin. We suggest users to use AlphaBay Market.

Versus Market is calling themself “The Versus Project” because they see it as a community project, and they are not trying to setup another simple market to make a quick buck but rather try to build a real community driven project much like in the old days of the Darknet.

The Versus Project is built for and by the community, they are including the buyers as much as possible in the development of the market.

For a complete guide on Versus Market please visit our guide here.

Some facts on Versus Market

Name: The Versus Project (Versus Market)
Versus Market Link: http://pqqmrifxej23sb5h4brmelbe25mpthkxabqfhte5jy3wijfllaktylqd.onion/
Founded: December 2019
Total Users: 115,764
Total Vendors: 1,265
Total Products: 12,464
2fa: Yes
Payment: MultiSig (2/3) and Fast Payment (2/2)
Multisig: Yes
Coins Bitcoin (BTC)
Vendor Bond: 400โ‚ฌ

Registering account in Versus Market URL

Registration on Versus Market is simple and easy, all you need is a username (4 to 24 chars long), a password (at leasy 8 chars long) and a login phrase.

Once registration is finished, simply put in your username and password and you will be taken to the main page.

Ordering on The Versus Project

Browsing on Versus is easy and simple, on the main page there is a list of top vendors, Promoted Vendors, Newcomer and even a section of Recommended for you.

When you enter the listings, you can choose to browse the Categorys or search using the search bar.

Paying on Versus

After choosing the product or vendor it is possible to go to the product page, look for reviews, price and more info about the product. Then it is possible to add the desired product to the cart.

When you are ready buy, go to the cart and choose the paying option (2/2 or 2/3 multisig), put your address and press the checkout button to move to the payment page.

Once the payment will be sent, the order will be confirmed.

FAQ on Versus Market

Where can I deposit funds? Where is my wallet?
On Versus you don’t have to deposit money to your account.
You can just pay for your purchases on checkout as you would do on any regular e-commerce that accepts crypto payments.
Simply search the market for your favorite items, place products on your shopping cart and when you are done just go ahead and pay for your orders.
We will provide you with an invoice for your total purchase and all you need to do is to pay the EXACT amount to the wallet we provide you with.

My order has been declined or expired. What about my refund?

In case of a 2/3 multisig transaction: If you see the ‘refund ready’ status on your order details it means you have to sign the transaction with your private key to release the funds out of escrow into the refund wallet you provided us with.

In case of a 2/2 multisig transaction: You have to wait for your vendor to sign the refund for you. You don’t want to wait? Use 2/3 multisig on your next order to avoid relying on your vendor to refund you.

Refunds on expired or declined orders will be refunded to the wallet you defined on your settings or order details. Make sure you control this wallet/address. If you lose access you wont be able to be refunded and will lose your coins.

I have paid for my invoice and the status is Paid, but the order status is unpaid what does it mean?
It just means that your transaction hasn’t been confirmed by the bitcoin network yet. We require at least 3 confirmations.

My vendor is not accepting the order and doesn’t reply. I want a refund.
A vendor has 72 hours to accept an order. After the order is accepted and processing, the vendor has 7 days to move it to shipped status. Most vendors will, and should, ship the order much sooner than the allotted 7 day timeframe, but we set that larger window of time for vendor side OPSEC.

What is 2-2 or 2-3 multi sig?
2-2 and 2-3 Multi Sig refers to the number of signatures required to release the funds being held during the MS Transaction. 2-2 Refers to a transaction between 2 parties that requires 2 signatures to release the funds. 2-3 Refers to a transaction between 3 parties that requires 2 signatures, of any of the 3 parties, to release the funds.

Is Versus 2-2 or 2-3?
Versus is by default 2-3 . Remember, all 2/3 multisignature transactions take place between 3 parties. You, the vendor, and the marketplace. Only 2 signatures out of the 3 parties are required to release the funds.

User who are either too lazy to keep their coins safe or simply have enough to afford to lose some can optionally chose to use one of the following 2/2 payment methods where only the market and vendor participate in a multisig transaction.

FE – Finalize early (Money is being released to the vendor right after he marks the order shipped.
FP – Fast Pay (Money is held in escrow for at least 3-5 days.

It is very important to understand that you risk to lose your funds by using FE or FP. If one of the participating parties (vendor/market) is not able or willing to sign for a refund the money will be locked up in the multisig transaction forever.

Do you have any vacant positions or jobs to offer?
Sometimes we actually have a few vacant job opportunities and we lit them.

Prohibited Items

I. NO pornography or pornographic media, including pedophilia, zoophilia, or torture.

II. NO dangerous weaponry, paraphernalia or substances of any sort, including semi-automatic weapons, explosives, knives, poisons, acids, diseases, nuclear or biological weapons, harmful/lethal gases or similar toxins, or weapons of mass destruction. Exceptions may be made for Tasers, pepper spray/Mace, nonlethal weapons, decorative/deactivated weapons for aesthetic purposes, antiques for collectible purposes, and fakes.

III. NO doxxing, either in full or in part. Threats of doxxing, blackmail, extortion, or the saving of any shipping or personal information about the customer by vendors past the point at which it is necessary to fulfill the order are also disallowed.

IV. NO advertising of services relating to harm, either physical or mental, or murder, including assassination, threatening, arson, surveillance or harassment of any person or persons, red room services, or services for hacking, DDoSing, or phishing of any site and/or business.

V. NO trading of fentanyl or any of its analogues or product containing fentanyl or any of its analogues.

VI. NO FE requests or outside market deals. This includes diverting users from Versus to other markets.

VII. NO contact information of insecure third party messenger or services including but not limited to apps like wickr or whatsapp.

VIII. NO sales or discussion of garlic bread. This rule is non-negotiable. Sales of the products required to create garlic bread are allowed, but not in bulk. Guides or discussion of the creation of garlic bread is strictly forbidden.

Conclusion on The Versus Project

The Versus Project Is a relatively new Market which emphasises on security and easy to use, it is a market that is build around a community and for the community and will surely grow in size and traffic.