Tor2door Market

Tor2Door is the largest darknet market as of 2023 and is less than two years old and carries a wide selection of listings of both physical and digital products. It features a completely original design; its admins claim they coded the market from the ground up. This certainly does give Tor2Door a unique feel, and it is easy to navigate, as well. The market carries about 10,000 listings in all, and vendors service all the usually-serviced areas of the world. For those who prefer to conduct their purchases using multisig escrow, Tor2Door has perfected this option and makes it about as simple to use as possible.

Tor2door Market Link – jtli3cvjuwk25vys2nveznl3spsuh5kqu2jcvgyy2easppfx5g54jmid.onion

For info about how to use Tor2Door Market please check our complete guide here.

One of the interesting parts of Tor2Door is its Exchange feature which allows users to easily convert back and forth between BTC and XMR. This is especially handy for vendors looking to convert their earnings into one coin or the other before making a withdrawal. Keeping vendor bonds low (between $150 and $300; waived completely for established vendors) has allowed Tor2Door to explode in popularity among vendors looking for a new home after the closure of other markets. It is generally hailed as a competent, secure market and is considered to be a favorite by many.

Product Selection

For a market that is only about a year and a half old, Tor2Door has amassed a huge selection of product listings, currently totaling about 10,000 in all. Listings are divided into the following categories: Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Digital Products, Counterfeit Items, Jewels & Gold, Services, Software & Hosting, and Others. About 2/3 of these listings are for drugs, which are divided into a whopping 47 subcategories. This makes it incredibly easy to narrow down categories to display exactly that for which you are searching.

Payment Methods

Tor2Door accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) for payments, using the traditional market account and escrow system. It also features a fairly well-prepared multisig option that allows buyers to make use of a 2/3 escrow system. This requires attaching a Bitcoin public key (xpub) to your account so you can sign off on the transaction to complete an order. We absolutely recommend making use of the multisig escrow for larger purchases ($500 and above). Some vendors are FE-enabled.

Tor2Door Pros

  • Original design, intuitive user interface.
  • Large selection of listings for physical and digital products.
  • Multisig Escrow option for BTC payments (some vendors).

Tor2Door Cons

  • No per-order or โ€œprepayโ€ options.
  • Not much in the way of market-provided content or customer support.
  • Does not enforce PGP encryption of communications.

In all, Tor2Door is a reliable, up-and-coming market that has ballooned in size over the last year to become one of the bigger markets currently in operation. It features a robust selection of different drugs and pharmaceuticals, and a well-organized selection of digital items, as well. We like its original design, and an ever-growing user base suggests many consider it to be trustworthy. If anything, Tor2Door does seem a bit cold as it lacks descriptive content from the admins, user guides, and its FAQ is very bare bones. Despite this, the market gets the job done and exhibits potential for continued growth well into the future.

Tor2door Market URL – jtli3cvjuwk25vys2nveznl3spsuh5kqu2jcvgyy2easppfx5g54jmid.onion

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