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Monopoly and Cartel Markets Offline, Possible Exit Scam

In a suspicious timing, both Monopoly Market and Cartel Markets has gone offline since 29 of December 2021.

Both market has suffered what seemed like a DDoS attack, and then both of those markets admin has gone missing without any sign of life with the markets staff not knowing what happened to the market of the markets admin.

Monopoly Market

Monopoly Market users have been complaining about the markets withdraw and deposit problem in the last few weeks, then Monopoly Market admin has opened a thread on Dread criticizing the markets users of being “Trolls”, before quickly deleting all the posts complaining about the markets being unusable, and then shortly deleting his own post and then going missing since then.

I am deleting all of these bullshit posts so we can keep the discussion in 1 thread, I am making a note of the links so everybody can see them and I will be going through them when I have looked into the market as that is priority.

/u/rxbp the minute the market comes back online you're done you stupid fuck. The market is down for hours, not days, just a few hours and you as a vendor creating these fucking stupid posts when you know damn well this is clearly a co-orientated attack considering most accounts posting are fresh.

/u/bluegrind, you can also fuck off on your 3 hour old account making bullshit post after bullshit post.

Godman, you can also fuck your mom too I know you are behind this, obviously you weird little man.


Monopoly Market is still offline, with no activity from the markets admin or staff, which caused most of the markets vendors to open shop at other markets and publish this on the markets forum.

Many users have been speculating if it was a planned exit scam, a market seizure or something that happened to the market admin, with many users promising to never use the market even if it will come back in the near future.

I'm going to be honest, I am not 100% sure this was a planned exit scam. I mean, we all know the dude was... partial, to say the least, to hard stimulants, and I don't mean caffeine. Take a look at his most recent comments and tell me it doesn't strike you as a guy, either stimmed out of his mind or going through the worst case of meth psychosis known to man, who's accidentally either fucked something important right up and doesn't want to admit it, or got fucked by someone else.

My opinion, it probably wasn't an exit at the beginning... but of course, he could still make it one.
Monopoly admin was more then an asshole. He was a delusional psychotic manipulator. He created his own forum within his market and one of his subdreads was labled "Improvement suggestions" anytime you would give a suggestion to improve his market he would ban you. The only reason this market ever got attention was because Mr.White promoted Monopoly Market as they where exiting. This market would of never ever reached the heights it did without the aid of WHM.

Now all these vendors are scared to speak how they really feel because even if there is a 1% chance Monopoly comes back he will ban any vendor who gave their honest two cents.

My two cents have always been Fuck Monopoly and the admin. He stole millions of dollars and acted like it was the holidays to blame. If his market really was experiencing downtime why would he respond to comments on Dread and not repair his market? He sits back and laughs with his new stolen millions. While all these vendors continue to dick suck in hopes that this faggot comes back.

My condolences out to the vendors who lost a lot of money. You deserve better. What a terrible way to end the year. Atleast you can start your new begining elsewhere on a better market. In my opinion Mr. Blonde was the only one who went out the right way.

There is no returning after this if he does comeback how could anyone trust the market? 
He calls me a scammer, and tried to have me banned from every market, and threatens to DDOS anyone involved with me because I pointed out the flaws in his market.

Cartel Market

Like Monopoly Market, Cartel Market apparently suffered DDoS attack as well, with the markets support staff publishing a week ago a post about the market suffering a major attack.

We are under ddos attack, if you are getting trouble to connect try getting a new tor identity, that should work. 

Shortly after that post, the staff published another post claiming they have lost all contact with the markets admin who was offline for almost a week now, with dread staff locking the markets sub and vendors claiming that they lost access to their account before the markets has gone offline which suggest a well planned exit scam.

 So everyone knows that we got hit by DDOS on past friday, /u/6ix said that only on monday things will probably be back to normal, and that was the last time we spoke, he is offline for 6 days now. I don't have acess to the backend and i don't know if something happened with him. But i really believe that some serious shit is going on with him, i hope it's not the case. I talked with dread staff and we are going to wait a couple more days because of the holidays to see if something change. 
For security reasons I am going to lock this sub down, and give it a warning.

This is very unlike their admin, but right now it is looking either he exit scammed, or something more serious happened. I'd rather be cautious until we know for sure. /u/6ix if you see this please get in contact with one of the Dread staff so we can sort this out and give you back your sub.
3 Days before the "DDoS Attack" i was locked out of my vendor account and couldn't even get back in using my Mnemonic..
Then after i logged in on a new account, I went to my vendor username and viewed the store and all of my old deactivated listings
were now active listing and showed current stock, and my regular listings had lowered prices and increased quantity available.

Now i guess its possible that my account was hacked or something, I guess. But my account dosent have FE ability, So
what would be the point of that? What would be gained?

Then the site went down for all this time and it clearly seems like its not coming back up. So it all kind of makes sense to me now.

So i was just wondering if any other vendors had similar issues?

While both those markets have gone offline for days now, other markets are quickly starting to capitalize on their down time and publish free vendor bond for the markets vendor refuge, like Alphabay admin DeSnake-

It is yet not clear if the markets are gone for good or if they will suddenly comeback, but even if they do the markets reputation has suffered greatly from the unexpected and unannounced downtime which when happened in the past rarely meant something else other than a market seizure or exit scam.

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