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NamasteLSD arrested, Shop Seized by Dutch Police

Just a few months after TripWithScience has been arrested, another big arrest has occurred with NamasteLSD that has been vending for over 3 years in various markets such as Dream, Empire Market and many more and in his private shop.

NamasteLSD announcing opening store in Empire Market

NamasteLSD shop has been offline for a few days which caused some panic and speculation in the dark net community since his private shop has been mostly online, and outage of the store usually came with an explanation before or during the shop going offline.

NamasteLSD announces store outage few years ago

The recent shop outage was even more suspicious since there was no communication from NamasteLSD or his team, some users on Dread were starting to ask questions.

One user by the name “casaul_lurker” has even speculated that NamasteLSD was busted, which now has been confirmed as being right.

Earlier today, a seizure message has appeared on the main link of NamasteLSD, which confirmed that he was indeed seized, and it was now confirmed that the team arrested in Finland in the last week was indeed NamasteLSD team.

It is highly advisable to anyone who recently ordered from him, to be extra careful, wipe the laptop used to order from him, and especially clean house from any drugs that might be there.

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