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Top 5 Darknet Markets in February 2023

2023 has started with the same DDoS attacked that plagued the darknet markets and forum in 2022. With Dread, The Majestic Garden and most of the darknet markets being attacked non stop, users cant be too picky on which darknet market they choose to buy what they are looking for.

Surprisingly over the last months, most of the darknet markets are still up (other than DarkFox Market that went offline at the begining of 2023) and the top list of darknet markets has not changed much.

We have compiled a list of the top darknet markets currently in 2023, we have used metrics as number of (real) listings, amounts of users and vendors and community size. As always we suggest for users to never keep money on the markets wallet and use a direct pay option which most markets have, every market on our list can go down at any momeny, either by admins greed or by police catching the markets server.

AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay Market has came back to the darknet market scene in August 2021 by the original AlphaBay market co-admin Desnake. Since then all the top darknet markets such as White House Market, Cannazon, CannaHome, Dark0de, World Market and Versus Market have closed down and AlphaBay has now become the biggest darknet market once again.

With over 1,200,000 registered users, 50,000 listings and 18,000 vendors, good and active support staff as well as a somewhat active forum AlphaBay will remain the biggest darknet market in the coming year and might even become bigger than the original AlphaBay, hopefully without having the same fate as the first variation of the market.

If you are new to the darknet market scene and looking for things to buy on the darknet, AlphaBay is definitly the first place to check, just keep in mind that AlphaBay only accept Monero, but does offer a direct pay option that many users prefer to the more common deposit system that most markets have.

If you are having problem with navigating how to use AlphaBay we suggest to check our guide on how to use AlphaBay.

Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door, like AlphaBay, has greatly benifited from the demise of the previously mentioned darknet markets, and has risen to the top of the darknet markets list together with AlphaBay.

It has simpler design than AlphaBay, with Bitcoin support and much simpler registration and buying proccess it is now one of the biggest darknet markets around.

With 30,000 listings and over 25,000 sales in the last few months Tor2Door is the place to go to for people looking to use Bitcoin to make their order.

Tor2Door has a lot of issues with DDoS attacks in the last year and is often offline for a large amount of times so accessing it might be an issue at times.

Making orders at Tor2Door is vastly easier than other markets, but if you are still having some issues with that, we suggest to check our complete guide for Tor2Door Market.

ASAP Market

With 50,000 listings ASAP Market shares the same spot with Tor2Door on the top darknet markets list. ASAP Market had many problem with the past with hacking and long down times, including withdraws and deposit issue.

If we ignore all the problems with ASAP Market, it still have a very large amount of vendors so you can find almost anything you are looking for, especially if you did not found it in AlphaBay or Tor2Door Markets.

ASAP Market admin had a few options in the past to do an exit scam when the market was hacked and its funds were stolen, but he choose to reopen the market and use his own funds to cover the funds that were stolen, so some users might feel safer using this market from other big darknet markets.

Like Tor2Door and many other darknet market, both Bitcoin and Monero are supported in ASAP Market.

If you want to learn how to use ASAP Market, we suggest to check our complete guide on how to use ASAP Market.

Abacus Market

Back in 2021, Abacus Market was named as AlphaBet Market and was another AlphaBay clone, but it had the bad luck of lunching in the same time as the new AlphaBay with a big backlash from the darknet community, the admin has decided to rebrand the market name to what it is called now.

Abacus Market has gained many users and vendors, support both Bitcoin and Monero and has over 20,000 listings.

Abacus Market design is almost the same as the original AlphaBay Market exept it has a blue theme and not an orange one, so users who used the original AlphaBay Market will feel right at home.

To learn how to use Abacus Market please check our complete guide on how to use Abacus Market.

Vice City Market

ViceCity Market has been the one market that was hit the hardest in the recent DDoS attack with most of the time in the last few months being down. In the last few weeks it seems that the admin has managed to fix the issue and once again Vice City market is mostly online.

The admin of Vice City market seems to be much less active than any other darknet market, and only recently Monero suppot was added to it.

With only 10,000 listing and somewhat non exisitng market suppert, we suggest to use other darknet markets that are on our list, but if you are still want to use this darknet market we suggest to check first our complete guide on how to use Vice City Market.

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