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Top Darknet Markets in January 2022

2021 has ended, and it was a very interesting year for the darknet markets. It started with a big bang, with the seizure of the biggest darknet market at the time Dark Market, then came a few small exit scam like Aurora Market, it was very quiet until October when one after another the biggest darknet markets has shut down, surprisingly without performing an exit scam.

First White House Market has announced it is retiring, then a month later Cannazon has announced the same, and only few weeks ago ToRReZ Market has also made the same announced.

With 3 of the biggest darknet markets retiring without stealing users funds, the darknet markets top spot has changed dramatically with no clear “winner” of the top spot in the darknet markets list.

We have compiled a list of the top darknet markets of January 2022, and while there is not clear top darknet market, it is advised to check a few of this markets and look by your favorite vendor who will more than likely have migrated from the previous darknet market to one of those on our list.

World Market

World Market has just recently changed it design (once again) because of the relaunch of Alphabay market (which is also on our list), and now no longer an Alphabay market look a like (hopefully they were the last one…).

World Market has gained many new vendors and users in the last year, and especially grown a lot ever since White House Market has gone down.

World Market had a lot of drama with Dread in the past, but ever since they came back to Dread they focused on improving the market and as a result they are now one of the biggest darknet markets around.

While the market has changed it look, the back end of the site remains the same, so you can still check our guide on World Market to learn how to use it.

Dark0de Market

Dark0de Market has always had a more unique design which many users did not like, however, despite the some what unusual market look, it has a lot of features which other markets don’t have like on site exchange, autoshop, direct pay options and gift card options.

Users who can get used to the design will find many new vendors and listings with good support, but somewhat slow deposit and withdraw system.

Dark0de Market has not changed a lot since it was launched a little over a year ago, and if you having problem understanding the market we suggest you check our complete guide on Dark0de Reborn Market.

The Versus Project

Versus is now the oldest darknet market and has been online for almost 3 years. While it has been slow to grow, many vendors have now opened a shop in Versus Market and the popularity has risen a lot in the last few months.

Versus market is different from the previous mentioned darknet markets because Versus has no on site wallet and most users must use multi sig as a way to protect users and vendor from exit scam or market seizure. While it has an option to pay with Monero (which has not multisig option), Versus limits the amount of orders each vendor can do with monero in order to “force” users to use bitcoin and multi sig.

Using Versus Market can be tricky for new users so we recommend users to check our guide on Versus Market in order to understand how to use and buy on Versus.


Like Versus Market, CannaHome has been around for more than 2 years, and is the replacement market of CGMC which had the same design and admins.

CannaHome is unique from all the other darknet markets on our list since it only allows the sell of cannabis and Mushrooms products, as well only allows vendors and buyers from the USA.

Of course this market is not relevant for buyers that are not in the USA, and sadly with Cannazon retiring a few months ago, non USA users will have to go to “normal” markets in order to find their favorite cannabis and shrooms products.

CannaHome has no onsite wallet, and like Versus Market strongly encourages users to use multisig, both with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

If you are having problem with understanding how to user CannaHome, please check our guide on how to use CannaHome Market.

Alphabay Market

The new Alphabay Market has came back online under the previous Co admin of the original Alphabay DeSnake in August of 2020, and has quickly attracted many vendors and users and is now one of the top darknet markets online.

Alphabay keeps pushing new updates to the market but still only supports Monero which might scare away new users to the darknet market scene.

If users will manage to overcome the problem of using Monero, they will find a very well build market, with great support, and now many new vendors and drug listing. We expect AlphaBay to become the biggest darknet market in 2022, just like it was before it was seized back in 2017.

We have wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use AlphaBay Market and suggest users to check it to understand how Alphabay works.

2 thoughts on “Top Darknet Markets in January 2022

  1. Torrez did rip people off it did not allow people who had less the £50 in their account to withdraw any money. This has netted those involved thousands of pounds whilst presenting like it was a amacapable shut-down! It was not….

    1. It clearly stated that you needed to have 0.0004 bitcoin or whatever in order to withdraw from there onsite wallet. It also stated this BEFORE they decided to “close” the market.

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