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Top Darknet Markets in March 2022

Another large darknet market has exit scammed in 2022, this time without any warning. After the previous biggest darknet market- ToRReZ Market has shut down, Dark0de Market was for a short time the biggest darknet market, closely followed by World Market, but just a few days ago it decided to do an exit scam (which was obvious for a few weeks now) and is now gone forever.

With the known panic that follows a big darknet market shutting down, it is now left to be seen which darknet market will take the headline and will become the biggest so It is a good time to update our list of the top darknet markets and see which ones users whould go to if they are looking to buy something on the darknet.

World Market

We have recently warned users about using World Market, but even with that warning, World Market is without a doubt now the biggest darknet market.

World Market has now over 50,000 listings, and supports both Bitcoin and Monero.

With many previous Dark0de vendors now moving to World Market, it is our hope that World Market will stay for a long time and not perform an exit scam like Dark0de Market did just a few days ago.

If you having problems navigating World Market, check our guide we made on World Market.

Versus Market

Versus Market (or as it also knows The Versus Project) is a long time darknet market, started in early 2019 and now supports both Bitcoin and Monero.

Versus Market has no onsite wallet and strongly recommends users to use multisig, which makes this market exit scam seems very unlikely, since the markets admin has no access to users funds.

Over the last few months, many new and old vendors have joined the market and now you can find a huge variety of local vendors and products, making it a great place for buyers to shop.

If you want to learn how to use Versus Market, please check our guide here.


CannaHome is an only Cannabis and Shrooms market, meaning if you are looking for any other substance, you should go to another market since you will not find it on CannaHome. However, for people who are looking for Cannabis this is the best place on the darknet to be.

CannaHome has an easy UI which even new users to the darknet markets will not find hard to navigate (and if you still are having problem we have the perfect guide for you to check on how to use CannaHome Market).

CannaHome supports Bitcoin and Litecoin (but not Monero – the only darknet market to not atm), and has one of the best support team in our list, meaning any problem you might face with the site or a vendor will be resolved very fast.


With 4,000 vendors, 230,000+ users and over 13,000 active listings, AlphaBay has quickly rose to the top of the darknet markets list, in less than 6 months.

DeSnake (AlphaBay admin) keeps updating AlphaBay on a weekly schedule and has an extensive bug bounty program which makes both the market staff and users secure.

AlphaBay is an only Monero market, and is the only one in our list (or at the darknet scene, ever since White House Market has retired), so it might be more difficult to use than other markets that support Bitcoin.

To learn how to use the new AlphaBay Market, please check our comprehensive guide on AlphaBay.

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