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Top Darknet Markets in May 2022

Once again another month has passed in the darknet markets scene with yet another big darknet market closing shop, this time it was CannaHome.

The top darknet markets scene seems to be changin a lot quicker, with new markets getting their chance on the spot light faster, and more and more darknet markets are either exit scamming (like Dark0de Market or World Market) or announcing a “graceful” exit with allowing users some time to withdraw their funds (like Cannazon or ToRReZ Market).

The list we give now include some markets that were on our previous lists, but some markets that are around 6 months old or ones that have been around for over a year, but only recently gained trafic with users and vendors after the previous mentioned markets shutting down.

We strongly suggest to check our top markets list in case you are looking for other darknet markets or one of the markets we will mention will exit scam in the near future.

As always we do not condem using of any illegal substance, this article is for educational purposes only.

Versus Market

Versus Market has been around for almost 3 years, and only this year it got a very large influx of both users and vendors and with every darknet market that shut down the user base grows more and more.

Versus Market is a unique market on our list, since it is the only walletless darknet market on our list, with users paying per order or using multi sig payment system.

Versus supports Monero payment as well as Bitcoin, and has now over 26,000 drug listings which makes it the biggest darknet market around atm.

We suggest to read our comprehansive guide we did on Versus Market to understand how to use Versus Market.


It was not long ago we published that AlphaBay has over 200,000 users, and now AlphaBay has grown again and has 440,000 users with over 28,000 listings in a very short amount of time.

AlphaBay fast rise to glory since it has relaunched in August of last year happened mainly because of many top darknet markets retiring or exit scamming (starting with White House Market), so its safe to say that AlphaBay came in the right time and moment.

AlphaBay has recently came out with a major update, and implented an option for direct pay, similr to the one in Versus Market and other previous top darknet markets, so its now even easier to buy and pay for prodcuts in the new Alphabay.

AlphaBay is a Monero only darknet market, and if you are having trouble in learning how to use AlphaBay we suggest you to read our guide on how to use AlphaBay Market.

ASAP Market

ASAP Market started as ASEAN Market in April 2020 and just now is getting a large amount of users and vendors moving to the market after all the recent exit scams and we now consider this market to be one of the biggest.

ASAP does have a big problem atm with devastating DDoS Attacks that keeps the market offline most of the time right now, with over 40,000 drugs listings once they manage to stop the DDoS attacks as other markets are manage to do, they will get many more new users who are looking for a new place to shop.

We suggest new user to the market to check our complete guide on how to use ASAP Market.

Abacus Market

Abacus Market is the newest market on our list, launched at September 2021 as AlphaBet Market, it was ment to be yet another clone to AlphaBay Market, but being introduced just a month after the relaunch of AlphaBay and a strong community backlash forced the market admin to rebrand the market to Abacus Market and redesign the market in less than a month since the official launch.

Abacus Market has now over 19,000 drug listings and is growing much faster than much older darknet markets that are still around.

People who used AlphaBay Market in the past will have an easy time navigating the market and buying on it, but for people who are still having problem we highly suggest to check our complete guide on how to use Abacus Market.

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