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Top Darknet Markets Predictions for 2022

2021 is slowly coming to and end and we can already more or less summarize how the dark net scene has been in 2021 and give our prediction for the top dark net markets that will be in 2022.
Important thing to keep in mind when reading this article is that it is only a prediction based on current dark net markets, we don’t know which new dark net markets will pop up in 2022 or which dark net markets will be seized, however given that it usually takes a year for a darknet market to become big, it is more than likely that one of the darknet markets that exist today will become the biggest in 2022.

The top darknet market in the start of 2021 was of course Dark Market which was seized right at the start of 2021, predicting which darknet markets will be on top on 2022 is mostly up to a darknet admin deciding to exit scam or the police seizing the dark net market together with the admin, so we will make our best guess on the data that is available right now.

In this article we will not be discussing the 2 cannabis and mushroom markets – CannaHome and Cannazon, they both are leading markets in their categories (weed) but we feel like a true top darknet market is a more complete market that allows the sell of all kinds of drugs (and digital products).

White House Market

White House Market has become the biggest dark net market after Dark Market went down. White House Market is not the typical big dark net market, not only it is Monero only (the only one except alphabay) but it also forces users to use PGP and 2FA if they want to buy something, making it by far the hardest dark net market to use today.

We had made a comprehensive guide for White House Market, a comprehensive guide for using PGP and using Monero, and even made an easy to use PGP tool, but still its a hard market to use for the average dark net market buyer.

White House Market will more than likely keep the #1 spot. WHM has all the top vendors, a huge amount of buyers and the most listing of any darknet market, in fact looking at top vendors that vend on WHM and on other markets, on White House Market most of the vendor have 10 to 20 times more sales than on other darknet markets.

So when predicting if White House Market will stay on the #1 spot, lets ask our self what needs to happen for White House Market to lose the #1 spot to a rival darknet market?
If we look at history the only times that a top darknet market lost its position is by exit scamming or by police seizure, so WHM will remain the top dark net market for 2022 unless one of the previous scenarios will happen.

ToRReZ Market

ToRReZ Market has grown a lot since it opened up, with 4 types of currencies available, a direct buy option as well as an onsite wallet and a great search options it is quickly took the #2 spot on the dark net.

While ToRReZ Market has great support and a lot of the vendors that vend on WHM vend on ToRReZ as well, most buyers still prefer to do their purchasing on WHM and not on ToRReZ, so the only way for ToRReZ to become the #1 dark net market is for White House Market to close down (either by exit scam or by police seizure).

On our ToRReZ Market guide we go over all the benefits of using ToRReZ Market and what makes it different from other top darknet markets.

We still predicting ToRReZ Market to remain a large darknet market with a big chance of taking the #1 spot.

World Market

World Market gamble on changing it layout to look like Alphabay or Empire Market has payed off when many users seem to like the old Alphabay design and it has since quickly became one of the biggest darknet markets around.

We wrote a guide to World Market after it has changed the layout and World Market has not changed much since, it just focused on providing good support on the market as well on their own forum. World Market had also a very public fight with Dread and HugBunter but since came back to Dread and they had no issues with Dread since then.

Like ToRReZ Market, World Market has a lot of the same vendors that WHM has, but still not the same amount of trafic.

World Market is a leading market now, and is more than likely to get the top spot in 2022 if indeed WHM will exit.


The new Alphabay is the darknet market wild card right now. It is not only the biggest darknet market to ever exist but it is the first darknet market to come back with the same management (or more accurately half of the previous admins).

DeSnake has launched the new Alphabay (or as he calls it – “Alphabay“) only last month, it has immediately faced a severe DDoS attack that took it down for days, recently it seem to stabilize and both vendors and buyers managed to get on the market and begin vending/buying. We wrote recently a guide to Alphabay and there we emphasized how well build Alphabay looks considering its a brand new market build from scratch, and has no code reuse from the old Alphabay.

With DeSnake as an admin and a developer, a darknet veteran and the only admin from Alphabay to not get caught, if White House Market will go down in 2022, there is a very big chance that vendors and buyers alike will flock to the new Alphabay and it will once again become the biggest darknet market in history.


2021 is shaping out to be a great year for the Darknet Market community. With almost no exit scams or seizures, 2021 was one of the most stable periods in the dark net markets community. It will be interesting to see how 2022 will shape out to be, and if any new market that was predicted here will indeed become the top leading dark net market.

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