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Tor v3 Concensus Attack Jan 9th

For the past few hours all v3 onion addresses were down, yes all. This is what seems to be a new kind of attack which affects the whole network and involves overloading the consensus authority nodes.

You can see the current status of the consensus here, it still hasn’t fully recovered at the time of writing:

And you can read more on it here:

It appears that somebody has made their own Tor client implementation
and it fetches its dir info in a very rude way. If anybody knows details
of it, please do let us know.

HugBunter Claim

When asked to commet on this attack HugBunter said to DarkNetMarketLinks: “Absolutely every v3 address in existance being down, that’s an attack on the entire network, not just a single service.

We asked HugBunter if he think that a DarkNet Market is behind the attack and he replied to us: “The concensus attack may be completely unrelated to markets, this was an attack on the whole network.I can’t out markets like that anyway, it has a severe chain reaction. This will always be handled the best way I can.

We pushed him for more information and his answer was: “I’ve been doing this for a long time, the outcome of directly outing a market for shady practices or similar is a lot worse than first trying to stop it.

My reputation was initially built on hacking markets and shutting them down or outing them, this is fine for new markets with little to no users/funds. Any established markets had to be handled delicatly and work with them to fix their issues.

I tried to do this with TradeRoute, they didn’t respond to their issues so I outed them to which they fixed and denied, they then exited with millions days later due to other mounting pressures from someone who had also hacked them and was blackmailing them.

As always DarknetOne will keep the community updated on any developments.

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