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Dread Admin Paris Falsly Claims Tor2Door has Exit Scammed

Less than 48 hours after mr_white has announced White House Market it is retiring the main admin of Dread has posted a post warning users that the darknet market Tor2Door is performing an exit scam and users should aviod this market.

Paris Warning on Dread

Tor2Door has launched 15 months ago on July 3rd 2020, promising to be “a modern anonymous market featuring secure multisig escrow, centralized escrow and finalize Early. BTC and XMR accepted. Market is developed with security and user-friendliness in mind. T2D equally features jabber/XMPP notifications among many other interesting aspects.” it supportes XMR and Bitcoin payments with both centralized and Multisig payments.

According to Paris the exit scam has likely started about 2 weeks ago with some vendors and buyers complaining about funds not arriving where they should have been.

Tor2Door has around 8,000 listings and seems like a large market, however, in reality its top 5 vendors has a combined sells of only 215, meaning that there is simply no point in Tor2Door performing an exit scam which will result in a very low payday for the admin.

Just 12 hours after his original post, Paris has deleted his post and published a new one saying that it seems Tor2Door did not perform an exit scam and that the Tor2Door admin promised to fix the withdraw issue.

Paris new post

In the coming days and weeks there will be a lot of “fake news” published by various darknet markets on rival markets so we highly suggest if you are looking for a new darknet market to use after the unfortunate exit of White House Market to look over our top darknet markets list and choose one from that list.

Paris original (now deleted post)-

There has been numerous reports from vendors over the past two weeks about funds not arriving.

For the past week I've been monitoring the situation for this market and messaging vendors to see if funds have arrived. None of the vendors messaged have said they properly received the funds owed. Technical issues due arise here and there (even more so when they release new projects like the crypto exchanges) and generally speaking a delay of funds arrival by a couple days to a week isn't too concerning when a market has multisig escrow systems in use.

Today /u/needsadesigner signed into dread and removed 5 posts from /d/Tor2DoorMarket.


Without commenting or providing any more information to the community about the status of the withdrawals or the market at large. As such it's now sufficiently clear to me they will probably not be coming back.

I've removed all moderators from this subdread and locked it down. The ad on dread has been removed. /u/needsadesigner my PMs are open if you got a good explanation. Unlike what most people would think, we don't ban subdreads about markets who have exited. They are kept active on dread to keep up a centralized discussion of a topic. We don't want to flood the general subdreads with a single topic that has it's own subdread.

We also have been quite busy, like always, so this got put on the back burner for a moment while other things took time away. Don't just rely on dread staff to step in and tell you an answer. We are a small team and this is a large community. We can't know everything or do everything. Use the community to your advantage, ask questions, and provide answers. The information you are looking for is out there. Don't make decisions blind. 

2 thoughts on “Dread Admin Paris Falsly Claims Tor2Door has Exit Scammed

    1. We included the currection of Paris in our story, the point of the story is that he jumped to announce an exit scam that did not happen.

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