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ToRReZ Market is Shutting Down in 72 Hours

ToRReZ Market admin, mr_blonde has announced earlier this month that ToRReZ Market is shutting down operation and will be up for a month to allow users to finish their orders and withdraw their funds.

In a new post on Dread forum, mr_blonde has announced that ToRReZ Market will shut down in “72-96h from now”, and has since even deleted his account on Dread.

Users are now strongly advised to log in to ToRReZ and withdraw their funds if they have money left on the market since once the market will go down in 72 hours, those funds will be lost forever.

ToRReZ Market is the latest darknet market to do an honorable closure, following the example set by White House Market and Cannazon, both of which closed in the last few months.

With 3 of the largest darknet markets shuting down recently, the top spot of the darknet has filled by Dark0de Market, World Market and even Alphabay who gained many new users and vendors, we will keep updating our readers on the top and largest darknet markets that exist at the moment, and we also strongly advice users to check our darknet markets list which constantly being updated.

mr_blonde full statement-

Dear Users.

Market will go down in 72-96h from now (Dec 30 - 14:30 UTC). Please remove all your funds immediately.
We have completed all orders / disputes. If we made any mistake during it - we are truly sorry. Please leave feedback on your order ASAP.
Thanks for being with us.


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