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Where to Buy Weed on The Darknet in 2021

Edit: for updated list of where to buy weed on the Darknet in 2022 please visit our new guide here.

Weed is becoming more mainstream. Many countries and states have began the process of decriminalizing or making cannabis and weed legal, However in most of the world (even the so called “free” world), cannabis is not legal and one who is caught with weed can face fines or time in jail, so it is no surprising that the most sold drug on the darknet is in fact cannabis related products.

Main drug categories sold on a darknet market

The question of “Where to buy weed online in 2021” might seem strange, since why not simple go to the largest darknet market around and simple buy it from there, but with how big the cannabis sales on the dark net is, there are now special dark net markets that only allow cannabis related drugs being sold on them, and because of this those darknet markets attract the best and biggest vendors on the darknet markets scene.


So what are the best places on the web to buy weed in 2021 is? lets see!

Where to Buy Weed online in USA

CannaHome Main Page

The best place for buying Weed and Cannabis in the USA is CannaHome.

CannaHome is the successor to CGMC, at the time the biggest Cannabis related market in the darknet which decided to close shop a few years ago, CannaHome has the same admin, same vendors and same back end and design, the only difference is of course the name and that it only allows sale in the USA.

If you are living in the USA you will find everything that you can imagine in the Cannabis products, with over 3,000 listings and 100+ vendors on CannaHome and even Mushrooms being sold there , there is really everything you want you can find there.

CannaHome has a great system for vetting new vendors, and no risk of stealing users funds (known as an exit scam), because there is no centralized wallet. Ordering is easy and simple and payment made directly to the vendor or using a multi sig address, meaning the market itself can never steal the user funds.

Vendor in CannaHome

Because of the history of CGMC, CannaHome has quickly become the #1 place to look for cannabis in the USA and now you can find a big variety of vendors on the market with lots of products, there is no doubt that if you are living in the USA and you cant get weed legally, CannaHome is you go to place.

To learn more about CannaHome and how to use it, please visit our guide here.

Where to Buy Weed online in Europe

While Cannazon was the best darknet market where weed was sold, it was sadly closed in the end of 2021, so now while there is no market that focuses on cannabis products in Europe, many vendors who were vending on Cannazon have moved to open shop on World Market and now are active there.

With a brand new look and with over 8,000 Cannabis listings it is the go-to market for anyone looking for anything weed related.

Example of cannabis products in the now closed darknet market Cannazon

If you are new to World Market and need a guide on how to buy on World Market please visit our guide on World Market.

Where to Buy Weed online

What about the rest of the world? While it often seems like the world is centered around USA and Europe there are plenty of people who are looking for buying weed online and it seems the biggest dark net markets who are specialized on cannabis products don’t sell to them.

Well first you can check Dark0de or Alphabay. While those markets have other drugs other than cannabis products, they still have a lot of vendors that only deal in cannabis, so finding what you are looking for and where you are from will not be too hard.

Another option is you can try the rest of the darknet markets since most of them do have plenty of vendors who will be happy to sell you weed no matter what country you live in. for a list of darknet markets you can check our comprehensive darknet markets list.


Buying weed in 2021 has never been as easy as now, with plenty of markets who specialize and allow only the sell of cannabis products, with many payment option such as Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin it is easy, fast and efficient to sit at home and browse thousands of listing and choose exactly what you are looking for.

4 thoughts on “Where to Buy Weed on The Darknet in 2021

  1. Iโ€™m in Melbourne ,whatโ€™s the guarantee that if I buy weed online thatโ€™s so openly advertised that it will be found At Melbourne airport before I receive it ??? I will lose my money and also receive nothing as I canโ€™t see me getting refunded as itโ€™s not legal

    1. There is always a risk in buying drugs online.
      The safest way would be to find a vendor who ships from your country.

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