White House Market Bans Covid-19 Items

Mr White, the admin of White House Market (only Monero Market), has made an announcement that selling covid-19 related items such as vaccines, vaccination cards, and test results. He has made the announcement on Dread and on the market itself.

His full statement-

* Selling fake COVID-19 test results, either physical or digital,
is forbidden.
* Selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, either physical or digital,
is forbidden.

The virus is doing enough damage already without some idiots spreading
it even more. If you need a vaccination card go get your shot(s), 
vaccines are now readily available in most countries.

Since some people lack common sense we are adding yet another item to
the list:

* Selling COVID-19 vaccines is forbidden.

Considering the requirements for transport / storage it's all but
impossible for vaccines to be sold on a market. If you find them on
any market walk away. If you are lucky you will simply be scammed, if
you are unlucky you may receive an inert or even dangerous substance.

When entering whitehouse market now you are greeted with a new message-

The reactions were mixed, some users praised the decision, user y3ti wrote – “I totally agree with this. Thank you.” while others were not happy with the decision as user foshizzledizzle- “whm allows the sale of products far more harmful to society than fraudulent vaccine cards. THIS IS HYPOCRITICAL.” to which mr_white responded – “People are hypocritical, what a shocker.”

WHM is the top market at the moment, and usually when a top leading market makes a decision on banning certain item (like fent) all the other markets follow with the decision, so it is expected that all the other markets will ban Covid-19 products as well.

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