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White House Market is Officially Gone

Just 12 days after mr_white (the admin of WHM) announced White House Market is shutting down, mr_white has deleted his account and WHM is no longer accessible which means WHM is gone for good.

mr_white last Dread message

Mr_white last message was announcing 2 new moderators on the Dread sub, shortly after that, he has deleted his account and took the servers of WHM markets down, meaning it is not possible anymore logging in to WHM.

Many users quickly responded in complaining of funds lost due to fund stuck in escrow or in disputes that has not been resolved due to a short time in announcing the closer of WHM to the actual site going offline.

On Dread forum, many vendors claimed that they have lost thousands of dollars in Monero in orders not finalized and in disputes.

“700โ‚ฌ and I tried to withdraw that amount three times over three days.”

“Yes it was an exit scam, I’ve got $3000 in orders that are yet to be finalized and I don’t know how many other people have a similar situation but they have exit scammed and that is a fact”

“if this is the way , they def Exit Scammed .
20K Pooeffffff”

“I had $2,000+ in a open dispute. They didnt deliever on their promise to wait for disputes and orderes to be finalozed”

“I lost 10k in escrow if they would of pulled the plug earlier I would of lost 60k. Not too bad considering I Lost about 80k on Empire. And we wonder why vendors exit scam.”

“I also lost nearly $4k in escrow. I had a few orders in dispute for nearly a week with zero response. Give us one more week please.”

The 2 new moderators that were very surprised of the closer of WHM has announced that the sub will be closed immidietly and suggested buyers and vendors to find a new market and not expect WHM to ever to come online again.

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