World Market Banned From Dread

We have reported earlier about HugBunter threating darknet markets, and world market announcing they will quit Dread, and now HugBunter has announced he is banning World Market from Dread and is accusing World Market of being behind the recent DDoS attack as well the admin of World Market being behind Icarus Market that has exit scammed last year.

HugBunter has given users a chance to withdraw their funds from World Market and announced he will attack World Market if they will start to exit scam.

HugBunter full statement-

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that
World Market is former Icarus Market which exit scammed last
year. I have viewed discussions within the World Market support
system that not only backs this up, but verifies evidence of
communication between multiple parties, relating to their
plans to launch multiple markets, exit scam with the first
launched, rinse and repeat.

All vendors' and buyers' funds are at risk within this market
and as of today, I will be taking actions to ensure they pose
no further risk and reduce the chance for them to have this
opportunity again.

They have been co-ordinating recent attacks against multiple
markets and also offered 5k for a user to come to me and tell
me that another market was behind the attacks. It seems they
have been manipulating many from every angle, pitting markets
against each other.

The current attack on Dread seems to be their doing and
following me giving them a chance to admit and taking offense
to me referring Icarus as a "small market", the attack on
Dread increased again almost immediately.

We will outscale it again in the coming hours, but the
priority right now is damage control for this fall out as
they are likely to exit scam now this has been aired.
I've tried to handle this delicately but time is of the
essense, I provided a signed message detailing some of
the above to be sent to vendors on each market earlier.
If they do attempt to hold funds for an exit, I will
ensure they are offline.

Stay safe everyone.

One thought on “World Market Banned From Dread

  1. I’ve heard of many people who triple verified onion STILL getting scammed. I absolutely hated the wait game with the vendor I did business with.
    They acted like they checked the tracking number and that it still wasn’t getting delivered yet. That they’d do a resend on following Monday. Low and behold Friday evening, I come home to my parcel in mailbox. I looked up the tracking number and it showed these arseholes had waited a week to ship. It actually only took two days to get to me.
    I’ve heard many people complaining about vendors lying about shipping times. I am too scared to try out Dark Fox. I was using White House Market but now they are retiring. ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks for your business, Mr. White. Bless you. Xx

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