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World Market Exit Scam Confirmed

Just like Dark0de Market, World Market has exit scammed, with plently of warning signs before the exit scam (much like Dark0de Market).

We have reported a few days ago about World Market disastrous update, it has now clear what has happened to World Market.

One of the admins of World Market has stole all users and vendors funds from the main wallet, and also managed to delete the server with all the database. The remaining staff had a few options – either to go offline and declare an exit scam, or try to get as much money as possible from users and vendors. They choose the 2nd option.

The staff of World Market had a backup of the market with an old design that goes back a few months, they have brought the market back up witht the old/new design and brought all the vendors from vacation and made their listings active in an attemp to get as much money as possible from users.

Users and vendors who had accounts created in the last few months had to register again to the market with brand new accounts, since the “new” world market did not have those accounts in the database, and ofcourse no one was able to withdraw or make any purchases on the market.

One of the remaining World Market staff, after waiting for a few days for users to keep sending money to the market has finally come out and announced that World Market is shutting down.

World Market staff Makarov annoucment

The status of World Market.

The time has come that the World Market team must close shop. The team tried to fix numerous technical issues over the past week but could not recover what has been lost. We have worked hard to be the best market and to serve the community.
As much as I care for everyone at World Market, I also care about the vendors and buyers, and it would not be fair to continue at this point.

So once again a big darknet market has exit scam, we would want to say that it was a big surprise, but we have seen all the usual signs that goes on before a big darknet market is about to do an exit scam (much like with Dark0de Market), we only hope that some users and vendors were able to withdraw their funds before the exit scam due to our warnings.

Users who are looking for a new darknet market to use should check out our top darknet markets list, right now our suggestion is to check out Versus Market or Alphabay Market.

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