World Market Leaving Dread

World Market has been online for almost a year now and they have recently hit a milestone of 100,000 users ,but today World Market has announced they are leaving Dread for good and starting their own forum.

The reason given to this sudden decision is that a competing market is shilling and downvotes their posts as well as doing a DoS attack on world market (seems to relate to HugBunter announcement earlier today).

World Market full statement-


World Market began small and grew out to one of the largest darknet marketplace around here and we hit our 100.000 users mark! When we first started the marketplace we had always the mind: Peace and Safety for everyone. We want to thank all our vendors for believing in us in the beginning. We will continue to share our wealth through everyone that means that World Market will always continue to contribute large sums of donations through contests that goes to /d/Council or other we see that helps folks that has hit bad since the COVID pandemic.

As we didn't had this thought in our mind but World Market support and its staff will move to a own hosted forum that is expected to be launch today. In the sidebar you will see the forum and all support will be through the World Market or World Forum. By the time being, /u/weednights Dread spokesperson will continue to be active for the contests and guide most of our users towards World Forum.

The reason for leaving Dread forum is purely by the act of a group or 1 market particular who is been openly spamming,shilling, DDoS towards us and other dark net colleagues in the past 9 months. As we actually wanted to expose this market how they operate and continue to their malicious act however such ' assumptions' are mostly classified as FUD as the counter party will always say.

Another small note to the DDOSSER who is on the payroll of 2 markets, you have destroyed Empire Market and many of its life's of vendors. And you continued your work and had Dark Market by the balls until they were seized. This ends here and now, you will fail. If you see our mirror is being heavily ddossed, just know why.

Thank you Dread and it's community for giving a warm help and we continue to pay it back. Together we will fight against this malicious individuals who has been feeding lies, jealousy and ddossing others through Dread and make the darknet the place what is was back in 2014.

Alexandre Cazes, we see you. Rest in peace, your legacy won't be gone.

Kind regards,
World Market Staff

HugBunter has made a comment on the subject as well-

We do not push WHM firstly and I can't act on anything without proof otherwise we have, as we have seen in the past, market competitors framing other markets so they are penalized. I have always been neutral towards all markets, anything opinion based I would outline.

So everything you have stated towards me is completely false and what you have presumed maybe based on other aspects. There hasn't been any favoritism. When WHM first launched I stated some opinions, again outlined clearly as such, that it was good to see a market that was pushing security concerns over profit, nothing more, nothing less. /u/mr_white has provided some great work and assisted everyone, that includes other markets, especially with contributions to End Game development.

Fortuna is also banned from publishing any services as he has clearly intended to scam users. I need to clear that up shortly, but everything in my power was done to limit damage from that, but you, the user do not see what goes on behind the scenes.

As for alternative services, I have always suggested this, there needs to be more decentralization of discussion platforms and I have always allowed free advertising for such services to distribute the user base across other options. I never intended for Dread to grow how it did and that is not on me. I am not here to gatekeep with markets, only provide some minimum requirements to try and reduce obvious scams and insecure platforms.

Notice how there is no "market list" on Dread, because it is not intended to be solely based around markets and we don't stop any market from promoting their service. Recon on the other hand, allows any new market to implement the API to get their data listed.

We at DarkNetOne will continue to follow on the Drama and keep you updated.

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