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World Market March Big Update Disaster

Just recently we have warned users of using World Market and users to use any of the other darknet markets right now, and now it seems the World Market is done, either by an exit scam or admin incompetence.

Over the last week there were numerous reports of users deposits and withdraws went missing while using World Market and while world market staff said that they are looking into it, little was done.

However, in a surprise move, World Market has been relaunched with a total new design, and what seems to be a new backend. This move is very surprising since it almost unheard of darknet markets relaunching with a new design, and never with a new backend. For example, Hydra Market has been running since 2013 with no design changes at all.

World Market new design

While no one has asked for a new design, the markets admin has made a disastrous launch which might take down the market forever.

Just 24 hours ago when World Market was taken down and brought back online with a new design, users has quickly found out that something is missing- the whole data of the last year. Meaning, if you have created an account on World Market in the last few months, your account is gone, along with all of your messages, orders and the worst of it – your balance.

Not only that, but all the pictures (users avatars, listings pictures etc) are gone as well, and all listings right now dont have any pictures.

It stated with the staff of World Market warning users to stay off the market until the database will be synced-

Stay off the market till we give the all clear , the database is being synced.

I will be a couple of hours, be patient please.

World Market support warning users to no use World Market

Then just an hour later, again the same staff has warned users to not use World Market.

We are having issue syncing the database.

We will let you know when you can use the market.

2nd message by World Market staff

And now, just 24 hours after the butched relaunch of World Market another message has been posted-

The database sync has failed because of a corrupt backup.

The admin and server teams are working hard to get us back up and running.

I want you to know that I believe in this team and we are working hard to get the market back up and running.

We are in no way trying to exit, and I hope that we get these issues resolved.

At this point, I can not give any timeline.

The last message posted by World Market staff

So it seems that World Market database is gone for good, meaning if you had any deposits, withdraws, orders, message sent or ever account created in the last few months, it is gone for good.

It is not clear why the market is still up if the database is not updated, or why even the bitcoin exchange is stuck on the same number since yesterday (37,296.00 USD), while the real price of Bitcoin is around 41,000 USD atm.

With this kind of incompetence by World Market admin it will be not surprising if there are major security flaws in the market as well. As with Dark0de Market, we strongly advice users to seek other darknet markets such as Versus Market and AlphaBay.

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